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    New chibi, 4u+ pink, Ps white

    (Lost about 40 in a move a few years back and can't get over it so slowly building back now)
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    Jellitchi probably
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  1. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Meets question

    Supposedly yes, right now most of it is under construction. You can sign in and walk around and take part in the party where I think you can find someone to marry but I'm not sure if that's like an NPC for now or not
  2. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Tamagotchi Meets Menu and Location Guide

    There seems to be little to no action here on the meets am I missing something
  3. TamaSugarBiscuit

    UK jinsei has matchmaker bug

    I did, thank you for the encouragement. It's going to work out ok. Now I'm still on the hunt for 4.5s or family
  4. TamaSugarBiscuit

    UK jinsei has matchmaker bug

    I'm afraid they will just say they didn't know...
  5. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Pre-ordered my purple magic meets! Going to be a long wait lol
  6. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Pre-ordered Meets 💗✨

    I just pre-ordered a purple magic meets. So excited! Are we going to do a hatch or what?! Has anyone else pre-ordered? I have high hopes for the Bluetooth and app etc.
  7. Any time the matchmaker comes it freezes, only thing I can do is leave it alone for hours or reset/download. Has anyone successfully fixed this bug? Recently spent a pretty penny on eBay for a pair of these, seller had of course no mention of one having a C button that doesn't work and the other is glitched. Heart=broken
  8. TamaSugarBiscuit

    How bad is this Tama death going to be?

    Oh my gosh that's murder lol thanks for the reply
  9. My 4u+ and Ps recently sent me goodbye letters when I was busy on vacation unfortunately. I've been wanting to restart them but I'm worried I've lost all my progress on unlocking characters. Did I only lost the characters they were on or did I lose the history and unlockables and etc all of it?
  10. TamaSugarBiscuit

    It's my cake day 💗✨

    When will my tamas tell me happy birthday? Did I miss it in the morning?
  11. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Help with my v4?

    Ok cool thanks so much. This is the best community ever. Thanks for all the support. Has really made rebuilding my collection so much more enjoyable
  12. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Help with my v4?

    Ok so the food cart came and I bought a leaf with a face it has a 3 in the bottom left corner and a flower in the top right. When I select it it just flashes and nothing happens. Any ideas on this? Unable to search for entama food cart items or help
  13. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Help with my v4?

    Dangit lol
  14. TamaSugarBiscuit

    Help with my v4?

    Also having trouble connecting these two because the white and blue is in Japanese and there are a lot of options in the connection menu, I'm assuming one is like the "others" option but no luck yet if anyone has an idea... https://photos.app.goo.gl/dHso5dbLxaJ8uML87