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  1. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    it doesnt look like i can do it, my version is the haneru no tobira entama, its not working.
  2. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    Would you like me to ROM test my "Haneru no Tobira" tamas? Also I'm glad I'm not the only one fascinated by early versions and builds of things. This is really refreshing. Thought I was weird for that interest. TCRF is the best website
  3. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    I always wondered about regional changes. For example in Mario party advance. US it's koopa kid but in Europe it's mini Bowser. I wonder what goes into deciding little things like that. Like with Gender/style or gen/gene on the tamagotchi.
  4. Kuchipetchi

    ROM Versions

    This is great. On the topic of prototypes, i find them interesting. i especially love seeing video game prototypes. i know for a fact when it comes to a US v1 if you rub a pencil on JP1 and JP2 it the "firmware" changes to the european one. i remember just experimenting one time and suddenly "gender" was replaced by "style" EDIT: this link confirms that https://tcrf.net/Tamagotchi_Connection
  5. Kuchipetchi

    Can a V1 connect to a V3?

    I honestly have no clue, i never had issues in the past. have you tried resetting and then downloading the data? i think sometimes the iR can be a bit stubborn. here is a chart of which tamas can connect to what.
  6. Kuchipetchi

    V4 generator in 2019?

    That makes me sad. the v4 doesn't REALLY need the generator, but i thought it would be nice. i wonder if that would involve dumping the V4s ROM to see how it functions?
  7. Kuchipetchi

    Where to buy tamagotchi 5.5 celeb

    to quote Izzyd07 yeah, you're best bet is the traders group. V5.5s are pretty rare these days. Good luck!
  8. Kuchipetchi

    Can a V1 connect to a V3?

    when connecting a v3 to a v1: you should select "others" on the v3 and "v1" on the v1. that should work
  9. Kuchipetchi

    Is this V4.5 fake?

    yes that it real. ^-^
  10. Kuchipetchi

    Rectangular pet toy?

    it could either be a vmigo chihuahua or a LPS digital pet. if the screen was backlit blue then its a vmigo
  11. Kuchipetchi

    V4 generator in 2019?

    theres got to be a way!!! luckily years ago i wrote down every password for the v3.
  12. I've already searched the forums before posting, but all V4/V4.5 generator links do not work. they seem to be hex based, so does anyone have any idea if it is possible to work around this? there are lists of hex codes for items and stuff. it is possible to make an enware house type program but for the v4? i am wondering because i just got a new V4 today, its been awhile since i had one so the last time i used the generator/tamatown it was still up.
  13. Kuchipetchi

    Please help my Tamagotchi 4U

    It happened to my mix and I only had it for 4 months, I eventually sold it to a girl on the tamagotchi amino and she fixed it! I'm happy it works and found a new home.
  14. Kuchipetchi

    Please help my Tamagotchi 4U

    You will have to replace the clock, which requires soldering a new clock on it. On the front of the circuit board is this cylinder shaped part
  15. Make a Yahoo Japan email account, then you will have to use any zip code from japan. You'll need basic hiragana to sign up as the you'll need to type a code in hiragana at the sign up page.