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  1. I have a tamagotchi suku 1, would you like me to ROM test it?
  2. i can confirm this is indeed russian, there are no Ukrainian letters, though they are very similar there are two or three distictive characters between russian and ukrainian. im actually looking into getting one but it may be hard.
  3. entamas and uratamas do it. i always can hear them when its quiet enough
  4. Luigi's mansion and Etrian mystery dungeon. i love rogue-like dungeon crawlers
  5. just look out for the wires, i have never opened a plus color before, but i assume they also have wires connected to the battery compartment.
  6. the button pads probably just need to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. they usually fixes button delays
  7. When I connect my Keitai with a V4, my ringotchi(keitai) shows up as a hinotamatchi on the V4....even though ringotchi and hinotamatchi are both present on the v4. its kind of funny haha

  8. that is indeed an odd phenomenon, I've personally never seen this happen. bringing Nazotchi is odd as he is only a placeholder character and the only way to actually get him is if you debug the tamagotchi. strange... i can't give an answer, but it is definitely not normal....
  9. I may have found where the diet soda came from. This item on the keitai called "diet pills" this was the Japanese equivalent to the v2.
  10. the hanetobi shell is the white and red dragon(they only came in two colors of the same shell type) my Uratama is the Pink frill design with a character and it says "ura" on top.
  11. good news, i was able to ROM test my Hanetobi entama. VER 18.0 and my Uratama is VER 16.0
  12. anybody know where i can find a russian language tamagotchi friends?

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    2. Jhud


      If it's really Ukrainian then I found a Friends on Ukrainian olx, however I don't know what it's language is: https://www.olx.ua/obyavlenie/tamagotchi-friends-bandai-IDBDhNu.html#b6741926cd

    3. Kuchipetchi


      i have heard it was the only tamagotchi released in Russia that is actually in Russian, but its probably going to be hard to find.

    4. Kuchipetchi


      Jhud that is Russian. Ukrainian looks a bit similar but i can tell the differance :D 

  13. it doesnt look like i can do it, my version is the haneru no tobira entama, its not working.
  14. Would you like me to ROM test my "Haneru no Tobira" tamas? Also I'm glad I'm not the only one fascinated by early versions and builds of things. This is really refreshing. Thought I was weird for that interest. TCRF is the best website