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  1. YeYeah! But we Will air That Anime On emby kids!
  2. Yes! This is also The english Version of M!x. But is mAINLY from Meets.
  3. Yes! this is a English version of M!x and meets. Which is Fun! I dont think why. but they will be Here!
  4. LOOK at the my New profile photo. The mametchi is Now changed to tomoyo instead. I think!


    If You dont Know about Tomoyo She is a shy girl iNTROduced into cardcaptors Or cardcaptor sakura.

  5. Here it is! Note For tamatalk: I got this from Gocomics website. i Am not pirating. I cant save But i save In a print website for Free! I saved the image.
  6. Yay! I want to Play it!
  7. Yes! But its good. They dont do like that. Only dlc improved it. Thanks! ps2 is good bro. So fix it. PS2 is good! Thanks! they Will be closed As this will be too old!
  8. Thanks! Good luck! I think You would. DLC doesnt kill. Just improved it.
  9. Get the Pirated instead. The original You need To buy. Also IT is rpg Maker VX! TM Edit; link removed: site rules - this is promoting game piracy and that is illegal. Our first Site rule includes no discussion of anything illegal on TamaTalk. This post is also off topic and does not answer the question posted.
  10. Grr! He gets angry
  11. Sup! what you re today!
  12. Please stoop! Connection Will have nO Tamatown!