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  1. I almost forgot Do a user win when they post?
  2. Firefox 52 Dropped support for NPAPI plugins,So ESR retained it.
  3. Thumbs grow,Dont you think? Tama is designed for Kids (especially Girls) So i think a teen or a kid can use that.
  4. The last Browser that can run Shochwave was Firefox 52ESR,You can try that one,but im not sure if that will work.
  5. And in Brazil?,Im pretty much hyped,But The price might be expensive to me.
  6. 25 What if i became a Tamatalk Guide and post on this when people says i would break as a mod?
  7. What? If a Mod says 5 And he´s not a MOD On this Game?
  8. 6.. I interpreted 2 As 5...
  9. ......,.....What? Thankfully,Tamagotchi Friends:Dream Town Closed down. They want to keep the images on the device due to Childhood Privacy. (Childhood Privacy might mean to protect people in their childhood)
  10. Doomertchi...He´s dead?

  11. So he´s the hater of Marriage in Virtual Pets and also Social Media?
  12. Will Using a Outdated Version of Chrome for Windows XP Work?
  13. Stop. i wont count back to 1 because the mod hasn't really broke our game. 28.
  14. Last? WIIN! CONGRADULATIONS! Leogames2012 wins!