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  1. What? If a Mod says 5 And he´s not a MOD On this Game?
  2. 6.. I interpreted 2 As 5...
  3. ......,.....What? Thankfully,Tamagotchi Friends:Dream Town Closed down. They want to keep the images on the device due to Childhood Privacy. (Childhood Privacy might mean to protect people in their childhood)
  4. Doomertchi...He´s dead?

  5. So he´s the hater of Marriage in Virtual Pets and also Social Media?
  6. Will Using a Outdated Version of Chrome for Windows XP Work?
  7. Stop. i wont count back to 1 because the mod hasn't really broke our game. 28.
  8. Last? WIIN! CONGRADULATIONS! Leogames2012 wins!
  9. Wait? Penguin-Keeper said that its popular?! We didnt have to Start from 1 again! Well. 3...
  10. That thing may be Tamagotchi Pix´s japanese Release.
  11. 3... This thread from 2012 is Still Running? What the Heck?
  12. It seems that TamaMum said Boom! Is it a explosion? Well Do we start from 1 Again or Count again? Also,Why is Mod Break still Running? It is getting so old!
  13. This is not Mod break. Stop Counting Mod Break here! Also I Will show this for now