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  1. Android phone. You can download on it.. I want Samsung galaxy s5 Or s9
  2. For charlie and Jhud: Thanks! I´ve Never seen the Tama-go.. i Will buy It. Thanks! My mom Will Buy it. Yeah Jhud. But Charlie Talks the oNLY in brazil Is tama-go.. However. It Connect To any Tamagotchi Such As p1 (Since iS NOT a connectable Tamagotchi They could Act as Brothers!) Or M!x? Yes or No?
  3. I still Miss too! i Play until now. But I miss. Okay.
  4. Thanks! Put a Picture oF Your ps2 And his games!
  5. Thanks for the question! Its correct. Brazil Only sells Phone. right? No tamagotchi. There re Only interessed In phone? iN tHE SHop Nobody is selling Tamagotchi. They only sell flowers Because Kids Doesnt like tamagotchi...
  6. Back.. Im Just Getting A tamagotchi In Other New store. WHAT Do you recommend?


    Note: Only is Retail

  7. I have a question. Why Brazilian people is no longer selling tamagotchi? Im sad..
  8. Both 90s devices Can connect to mix By imaginations As Brothers/sisters Or twins
  9. hAHHA! i Think 90s devices Can connect To m!x They can Be Togheter Like they were twins!
  10. Mix ou M!x OR meets. Do your Thing. The Mix is Better. tHE Connections Devices and 90S Devices Can connect to Mix.
  11. He Can Be So angry And Transforms Into a Fox... Splash. He Become A Squashy Fox