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  1. The Purpose of that Poll is What is Better? Miraheze or Wikia Now known as Fandom? Also Miraheze is a non-profit, with a mission to provide a free community-centric wiki farm.
  2. Sorry for My Status being too Long but Tamatalk is No Longer my Highest Priority.

  3. This is really Late,I Assume this Would be Worse,since They want to Not allow Disney´s Mascot Mickey Mouse to use their Character Mickey mouse,I Still want to Make this book,But I Will Make It into a Long Hiatus unless i Reproduce Again the Character....
  4. Recently I Got this Email that Comes with a PDF It is In there *personal info removed* Dear *personal info removed*: Thank you for your submission of June 14th requesting permission to reproduce use Disney’s Mickey Mouse character in your book entitled Mickey Tries Windows NT 4.0. Regrettably, we are unable to grant your request. Our characters and properties are protected by intellectual property laws and we must limit their permitted use to products and services that our company creates or distributes or those that have a direct relationship with our company. Unfortunately, your proposed use does not fall within those parameters. We thank you for your interest in Disney, and wish you success with your future endeavors. Best regards, Margaret Adamic Margaret Adamic Senior Paralegal Specialist, Publishing Corporate Legal MA
  5. My windows 10 Is getting Better.

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    2. leogames2012


      I Was doing a Reinstall when my Windows 10 is Not better.

    3. Joc


      Ah, yes, reinstalls are frequently necessary when using Windows.

    4. leogames2012


      Yup,At least I Lost Many Apps except for What is pre-installed and My Personal Files.

  6. What is Better? Miraheze Or Fandom? They are Both Wiki Farms But I Want to see your Choice-
  7. I Remmembered This Topic after Searching through the  Non-tamatalk Section of Watch



  8. She Moved into the Tamagotchi Planet?

  9. I Dont know But it would be Anthromorphic/Humanoid Meets.
  10. For me They have to Make The Death Stage With them Moving into the Tamagotchi Planet or Running Away when Neglected.
  11. Oh No! That Girl Emoji Would Haunt Tamagotchi Fans👧🏻

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      I don't get why I'm supposed to be haunted by it. :P

    3. leogames2012


      Some Tamagotchi Fans who are Hautned of That Girl Emoji Would Be Scary About it



      Seing CCMA Taking Down The Triplets Animated Series Videos Were A Bit Complicated Since the Copyright On the  Animated Series by Cronosoma (Which Shut down in 2013/2014) Is Still Copyrighted And not Public domain And if Not. If people Needs to Use Them They have to go to https://www.ccma.cat/tv3/sales/the-triplets/production/2810/ To Use their Work.

    4. leogames2012


      And Classic Mickey´s Copyright Would end in 2024 As i see on Internet. But not Modern Mickey.

  12. I said outside Asia because the On was released in North América so i said outside Asia
  13. I know But.... The artwork of mametchi boom body looks like Sonic and not mametchi The colors on the body of the mametchi boom looks like Sonic not mametchi