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  1. This is the Kids React to Tamagotchi. You wanna Watch? Check out!
  2. Thank you! i Will create it Tommorrow. OR When i have time.
  3. Yes You are right. But its a Licensed Bootleg. But nOT Bootleg Just licensed But how i can Do it?
  4. Note: Dont Make this closed Please? So.. I am Making a Good Tamagotchi Bootleg and I need to do it? How i can do it? I am Doing it Licensed!
  5. Thanks. YES. tHE Anime is from Bandai. But i will pass With Bandai´s Permission!
  6. Today i am Creating it! Its Just A The triplets Animation Collab where The triplets Play with Your Own Tamagotchi Then Bored Witch Accidentaly Punished The triplets To a story Which is Based On the tamagotchi anime And The Triplets will adventure! 1. That IS fun! How? I think You Need To email Me at Leohistoriasanimadas@gmail.com Now. 2. I dont know The triplets But Tamagotchi Yes. Because OF YOUR Choice. You can join as well! More Comming soon!
  7. I am Making a The triplets Topic On stuff We watch Because We didnt Find A topic of The triplets OF cronosoma At TamaTalk. Lets go!
  8. Yeah. You think. But...Im not doing PIRACY AND STOP! Also Emby KIDS is NOT A PIRACY. Just Because of this.
  9. It IS NOT A YOUNG MAMETCHI ITS A Tamagotcchi character That Everyone Hates! GRR!
  10. Cute Female Young Mametchi???????????????????? WHAT???????????????????? Also. yOU Can get Pictures!
  11. Hmm. I dont Know But Like Others Tamagotchi The batery Goes Down to 0 And it will Die Because of This!