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    Older windows,Programming With windows 7 and Running On windows xp and more!

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  1. As i Dont Like Lgbt Tamas Can´t Marry The same sex. That would be MIND-BLOWING! THIS IS ONLY ON THE SIMS 4!
  2. If You use that... Go to The Mr. Blinky´s site! http://mrblinky.net/tama/ps/english/ And Go Use THIS!
  3. Hi!


    You are the Antecessor OF ME?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. leogames2012


      WHY. In his 2004-2018 IT wasnt Like Invision Community!  It was WHAT?

    3. Deru-sama


      I'm not sure. I assume Proboards, but still, I'm not sure.

    4. leogames2012


      Ah!  Proboards!

  4. Hi!


    You are a Antecessor of ME?

    1. Ashiya


      Hello! I'm afraid I don't get what you mean by antecessor of ME, can you explain? o.o

    2. leogames2012


      iM Talking that You Joined In 2012 and Me in 2018.



    3. Ashiya
  5. Scratch Is Here So Who is Gonna Use it? If You dont What it is See: https://scratch.mit.edu/about What Do You Think?
  6. Im the Only Person Who thinks Its gonna be On emby kids! (But It Didnt happened...)
  7. Note: This is a Sequel For My Mickey Post which IS back in 2018 And Not Only Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Its Mickey and The Roadster Racers (which Now its Mickey Mouse Mixed up Adventures). Are You Watching this?
  8. Again......... THIS! This is the Bonus which is Deleted Footages!
  9. I Started In 2019. BY E-Chat Too! Im the Only 2010s Kid To Discover tHESES. It Is Dying Out Because of Many Social Medias Has Taken over! (I only Played Club penguin.)
  10. Updated My Profile. I Was born In April,18,2007. And..... I Live in Brazil!


    What do You Think..

  11. I Created a E-Chat room And i Revived Tamachat! Good Luck! Note: This Isnt Oficial. There No plans To revive Tamachat altough I has Created This Tamachat Room. *Link Removed*