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  1. Wait? Penguin-Keeper said that its popular?! We didnt have to Start from 1 again! Well. 3...
  2. That thing may be Tamagotchi Pix´s japanese Release.
  3. 3... This thread from 2012 is Still Running? What the Heck?
  4. It seems that TamaMum said Boom! Is it a explosion? Well Do we start from 1 Again or Count again? Also,Why is Mod Break still Running? It is getting so old!
  5. This is not Mod break. Stop Counting Mod Break here! Also I Will show this for now
  6. It seems Good because,Kids who uses Social Media will Probably Love this Tamagotchi!
  7. It seems that Bandai Made the European Union Make their own Tamagotchi!
  8. LOOK At your username,It says that you´re not bart so i jokingly said that you would not be named Bart.
  9. @NotBart is actually a Agressive Brother of Bart who doesnt want to be called Bart
  10. Happy New Year!

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Happy New Year! :D

    2. itzfelix


      Happy New Year :D