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    Older windows,Programming With windows 7 and Running On windows xp and more!

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    Comming Soon

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    Original Tamagotchi (not The 2018 one)

    Tamagotchi M!X

    Tamagotchi Collection (tHE V4 until V5 Release)
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    Comming Soon
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    Comming Soon

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    Old Jabber/XMPP (Pidgin): Leokids.Oldjabber (I will Use this For Any Jabber/MSN server That accepts Pidgin!) Soon I will Use the Modern interfacE Jabber Client!
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    I have My microsoft Account but I dont have Skype

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  1. Changed Now My Cover Photo To A photo From Scene of The Triplets Episode. And Changed The Kirby Profile Picture To a Blue L.