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  1. Sup! what you re today!
  2. Please stoop! Connection Will have nO Tamatown!
  3. I am Happy to it! If it had NFC? I can try it!
  4. If you dont have that game. I will Tell in a message!
  5. Yeah! But its not recommended!
  6. Third option: I dont know.. Maybe Other? fourth Option: Is to delete a Friend profile!! AFTER THIS going. You will see that a Friend profile IS Deleted!!!! You need To start Again For create a New profile!!
  7. Good! Can You Message me? To show what Happened tO MY Game?
  8. They have The sims Stories For laptops That is Not too strong! for Weak Laptops!
  9. Im excited When They make a Rpg game based On My game Kids Imagination Universe! It follows like this: Kids Battle monsters to Attack the villian!
  10. No! I Never will play! Play the sims Its better than This!
  11. You make That tamagotchi By mixing So They Look different? Now its time to Do a Action Rpg game! The name is RPG Playground! So THE Rpg playground. You can do a Rpg action Game By your dreams! Its Simple enough For kids And powerful enough For deveolpers! Link: https://rpgplayground.com/ Note: Its recommended TO Make a account. And also This is like Rpg maker! In a zelda based style!
  12. I Agree or disagree. I take care of a Dog. which Is rootweiler. But why Theses pets that is Called Tamagotchi Are easier than real pets? Edit: Learned it! Just I am Not against that it.
  13. I think I love Cartoons and Animes! So A lot of Bad current cartoons That i hate and also MANY good Current cartoons! that i love! But... What Cartoon/anime Do you Love? (Needs To be From Old days and Current days!)
  14. i Play Any game which Is compatible with The android Old and new Phone and also The java phones! I play Pou when i was a Little child! Also My talking tom! (I never Played the 2 But I played once)
  15. Wow! But who is FreeMCBoot?
  16. Ps1 games??? But this ps1 games Only works In ps1! They also works on Ps2 and ps3. But Its not recommended!
  17. Thanks! The Memory card WORKS as When you save the data. Everyone CAN Play it With Your data!
  18. Virtual Families! I watched the Videos But i played once.
  19. Its been  a while that i remember this!  im getting 12 years old This april!


  20. Now... Im taking care of a Galaxy pocket phone From samsung.. is Any games That works On this phone?
  21. Android phone. You can download on it.. I want Samsung galaxy s5 Or s9