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  1. These pets can't die. Right now it is the 10th day without food and nothing has happened, it is still alive. But I think that it's going to fall apart soon, because the beeping is sounding really weird❓🤔
  2. OH Well that sucks. I am getting another one from different people,so if what u said is true, it's probably going to have different instructions
  3. I have read the instructions over and over again, and there is something about a friends view screen. Any ideas on what it is?
  4. I have reached age 72 on my 168 in 1 cyber pet, and I am wondering what will happen when I reach 99
  5. I have that fake tamagotchi too. In treasue box you find toys what you bought in shop. I have tried a countless amount of times to see what I got, except the chicken🐥 just shakes his head
  6. And also there is a treasure box symbol and I can't access it could you tell me how to accomplish this impossible task😜?
  7. So I just got a 168 in 1 cyber pet, and as I was looking through it I found a treasure box and there are three numbers that I have to put there and I don't know what it is, and it's starting to bug me