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  1. Maybe I'll look out for an original with a damaged case or something, just so I could harvest the screen out of it... The reason I said the reason was age was because that's what a lot of other forms said.
  2. Yeah, it seems like these screens were just not meant to last 21 years. I might try and track down one of the re-releases from last year, do you know what those originally retailed for? The ones on ebay are quite expensive.
  3. Do you know of any videos dealing with this sort of repair?
  4. If I apply pressure to the screen the pixels don't show up (not even faintly), maybe I could replace the zebra connectors? Not sure where I could get replacements, and if I did would they be difficult to replace?
  5. Yeah, the screws have tightened. I could buy a Japanese one to replace the screen, but I'd probably just keep the Japanese one the way it is, just incase the screen on that one broke while switching them out.
  6. My Digimon has 3 missing vertical lines on the screen. I have opened it up and cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol, but the lines are still there. Any recommendations?