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  1. Well, then MyMeets I will not be able to use. As for the official app, in the video the same candidates always came out... even when other couples were formed, the same ones candidates come back again!
  2. Thank you, Jhud! I will definitely get a meets. About the app, I have some doubts: 1. MyMeets is only used on PC? With an infrared usb? 2. The official, in the dating place, I've seen videos where if they don't get married the first time, the same candidates come out again and again. Why? These candidates are other people's characters or the app generates? Why don't they change?
  3. It would not be my first color tamagotchi (I have mix and IDL). The tamagotchi mix is boring because almost always horrible mixtures, although when I have a nice character I usually keep it a while (here the reset would bother me).
  4. Thank you all! I have a mix and I didn't know if it would be worth buying a meet or I would end up throwing money (mix bores me in a short time).
  5. Visiting the Hensin Jo again. Door icon - third page - first option.
  6. It also happens if you transformed your tamagotchi into the Henshin Jo, you can't use this icon.
  7. Hello! I would like to know the opinion of owners of both tamagotchi versions: which one do you prefer and why?
  8. Hello! I want to buy the tamagotchi magical meets, but I see that it has many bugs... Should I buy it?
  9. That's great! Thank you very much! I have a tamagotchi mix Melody and I wish to buy the next tamagotchi meets, and how can they connect with each other ... I was not sure I could transfer character traits from each version and create beautiful babies (if luck helps).
  10. Hello again! Thanks for your answers, I'm still waiting for more opinions (and yes, I have a compatible phone)... I think my heart is with the IDL, but which one has more entertainment? Which one is more demanding? As for the tamagotchi meets, I am already in love with the twins: I buy it for sure!
  11. Hello! I want to buy one of these models, and I have a thousand doubts ... I've read a lot about both, I've seen videos, etc. but I can not decide. - P's: I like that you can put many characters and banners (thanks to the VDP of MrBlinky), that you have daycare and I find it interesting that you can get a job (although I do not know if I will use it a lot). Finally, I do not care that I have patches for the translation because I will keep it in Japanese. A point against is that I do not like it to get dirty under the faceplate. - IDL: I like that you have the option to plant multiple seeds (and then sell it in the market, I really love the interaction with the garden), the Hensin-Jo transformations, and in general, the characters that I think I like more. It seems to me a nice detail that you can go to eat at the house of one of... your parents? and the bakery. - In common: I like pets and downloads. Which one do you prefer and why?
  12. Hello! Well, my question is this: suppose two tamagotchi mix (Melody and Sanrio version). In the first, we have a boy with features of Melodytchi and Mametchi. In the second, we have a girl with features of Hello Kitty and Kuchipatchi. If we married those two tamagotchi, how would their children be? Would both have features of Melodytchi and Hello Kitty although they are different versions?