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  1. I would like to know which is the most popular and / or the opinion of people who have several or even all I start ... my favorite is Sanrio (although I don't have it), the characters seem extremely beautiful and endearing to me! The faceplate is one of my favorites. Also because it is the only one that has food to change the color to pink. And pets are very cute! (Of the games I don't say nothing, in general the arcade games of Meets don't seem good to me especially).
  2. It's great! You use this app? Cause glitches?
  3. Oh! I had no idea. Now I will not go crazy looking for tones of colors lol. Thank you! Edit: where can I see those models as in the photo?
  4. Thank you! I thought Sanrio's food give another tone. As for "powerful pink" I mean this:
  5. Ops, sorry to hear that. The positive part is that they are very economical ...
  6. I have a question about this color change ... result the same pink tone with the Honey Rose Tea of Flower Hills that with the ice cream of the restaurant of M!X Sanrio? And with the cake at the Meets Sanrio snack restaurant? Sometimes I see very powerful roses in the app and I don't know where they come from!
  7. As far as I know, it stays on the time change clock while the screen is off, it only comes out when you turn it on again. However, you can also set the time at 9 or 10 p.m. and so let it sleep during the day.
  8. I had the same programming in another case, and I never knew how to remove the sound. Although when the screen turns off it stops ringing, it doesn't call you ... it is a good option open it and unplug the speaker! (I opened it to remove the "reset" button because it seemed like a danger).
  9. True! I've been looking for information and it seems that Meets and M!X can get married from the app, although sadly only Meets will take the egg. So ... what is more convenient? Have more characters available but that only the Meets can enjoy all the genes, or be limited to the characteristic characters of Meets and that both can have babys together? (Finally I did not buy a second IDL, it would be too consumerist. I am only interested in weddings between different devices to exchange genes ^^).
  10. Thank you! I will watch the video later (although more or less the differences I know them, but I don't know which one suits me more). Of the new characters of the Meets Sanrio there is only one that I really like (Kuromi <3), I don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice it beside the pets in exchange for having two different models ... The M!X has I think that 9 different characters + those of Sanrio, while the Meets only differs in those of Sanrio and the rest the same as those that my Magical brings ... that I think is a point against. I am getting used to the slow buttons of the Meets ... on the other hand, the app will not exist forever ... I am so lost! ------ About buying a second IDL, it's mostly because the person to whom I sold my M!X (is a friend), can sell me his IDL at a good price and hence my doubt ... In case someone is in the same situation as me, I have discovered that Meets and M!X cannot get married together. It is a very disappointing fact to keep in mind ... (I feel the double post, I can't find how to edit my last message)
  11. Well I have a Tamagotchi Meets Magical and recently sold my M!X Melody (I no longer have any Tamagotchi that connects to Meets). I was thinking of bringing him a tama-brother to play together, from the Sanrio saga. Should I go for Meets or M!X? Meets Sanrio is a good option for combining pet genes and can have twins in both sizes, however, M!X offers me more different characters to mix (Pichipitchi is so pretty!) and also has the Flower Hills tea that can turn me pink the character of the Meets. What would you do in my place? ------ Another question that does not have relation, but I do not want to open a topic with this: my favorite color tamagotchi is the IDL, I have a blue one but although they are not so expensive and are easily found, I am "scared" to play with him and let him break down or lose him in the street. Is it silly if I buy a second IDL (pink o yellow) to use without worries?
  12. Thanks again One last thing (sorry to be so annoying): is there a list / table like this but of the Entama? (to see the items)
  13. I will see it! But does the weight of tamagotchi influence anything? (For example, in the M!X I don't always play to make him happy because sometimes it's more comfortable to give him candy ... I am a horrible mother)
  14. Oh, now I understand much better! I thought it was just to get exclusive items. Thanks! On the other hand, do you play at games a lot in this version? Those of Entama (except the manikin) seem very bad, those of v4 are more fun (except the mimic).
  15. I understand ... although I don't know how useful these items are (although they all speak very well of the Enwarehouse, it has to be interesting what it offers although I can't see in detail it anywhere). Another thing: I have seen an image with the toys and the foods that are sold in the v4 shop ... but I don't find the same to know the base items of the Entama! Anyone know where to see it?