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  1. Exact! This would be the way to go. Something that can also help is that numbers 4 and 7 will be characters of the app with genes of the 2
  2. Ups ... the link does not work for me, could you insert the photo in the message?
  3. When does Lovelitchi appear as a mother in the book? With another character from the locations or of the app (and cross your fingers because it does not inherit many genes of he or not very dominant genes).
  4. Finally I bought a basic 4u at a very good price, so if I do not like it, it will not hurt so much. Without compatible mobile I think it is more important that the games are better ... thanks anyway! (The 4u + really is better, but with access to downloads). I need it arrives!
  5. Do not worry, you're not being annoying at all! In the tamagotchi Meets (and M!X) is kept in a book the record of all the characters he knows in his visits to the locations (the level of relationship increases to become friends or marriage when they have more meetings). If you married your character with Lovelitchi, the baby automatically saved it in the book as "mommy" (that level of relationship does not vary) and they will not be able to get married for that reason. You can also see her at her parents' house. However, the "grandson" of this Lovelitchi, does not know his grandmother since birth, so he can relate to her in her location as a possible future partner. For this reason, you can not marry all generations with the same character ... only "grandchildren", because they do not know her as a mother: 1st gen: marries Lovelitchi. 2nd gen: he can not marry Lovelitchi because she is his mother. 3rd generation: can marries Lovelitchi because he does not know her as a family. 4th gen: again you can not marry her because she is his mother. I have new information that can be useful! I read about a genetic manipulation guide and I wanted to experiment. I tried to keep the head of the mother and the body of the father and this was the result: Was that luck or does it really work? (For some reason she got the father's face). I will continue testing and updating. You can do it too! It would be interesting see all results. I copy the message from the user @lauraassy (reddit) where she explains the theory: I talked with Samantha (she has contributed a lot to the tama community) and if you are interested in manipulating genes, this should worth a read: Evolution theory” (meets) Male baby (previous tama : female) Low happiness baby (mother’s head) / high happiness baby (father’s head) Low happiness toddler (mother’s body) / high happiness (father’s body) Male baby (previous tama : male) High happiness baby (mother’s head) / low happiness baby (father’s head) High happiness toddler (father’s body) / low happiness toddler (mother’s body) Female baby (previous tama : female) Low happiness baby (father’s head) / high happiness baby (mother’s head) Low happiness toddler (mother’s body) / high happiness toddler (father’s body) Female baby (previous tama : male) Low happiness baby (mother’s head) / high happiness baby(father’s head) Low happiness toddler (father’s body) / high happiness toddler (mother’s body) Altaltough i dont think its 100% accurate
  6. I do not understand very well what he means by "what to expect from the Meets". I suppose that in terms of its operation, if so, there are many recorded glitches (do not panic, only spoils the device one of them: when it send you an bug mail with the green background and you delete this friend), but if the values are reset factory, there is no danger (this glitch ir very rarely of appears). Anyone can make you lose all your progress in the worst case. Even so, not all tamagotchis are affected by failures and some people have managed not to repeat them. As for the corroded batteries, I never heard about ketchup. But yes about rub with a toothbrush and baking soda, or a cotton and vinegar/lemon (although I have not tried it personally and I can not assure you anything). Congratulations on your new adquisitions! The IDL is a great version.
  7. Unfortunately, this theory is not possible, since the tamagotchi would register Lovelitchi (of the example) as the mother, making it impossible to marry her again. However, you can marry with her a generation yes, a generation no, a generation yes, a generation no ... although you would need male children (I think it is possible to restart before the end of the animation of the newborn to repeat the wedding until the desired gender is achieved).
  8. I'm interested in getting a transparent faceplate for the 4u, but I can not find anything. Is it possible to remove the silver color of the original? How?
  9. Step to update: I tried and the Flower Hills tea turned pink to my Meets!
  10. I have a M!X, I could try. Is there any way to lower your hunger fast?
  11. Oh I did not know some of the tips and tricks on the list! Thank you! I did not see anything in the guides about the pink color either, but in this it appears:
  12. I know there are many people who do not love this tamagotchi (I was one of them), but now it tempts me a lot ... which one is better? I think the banners and the extra characters of the 4u+ place it above, but the games I seem that the 4u are better (and it's cheaper). Note: I do not have a compatible phone, maybe in the future ... it's not a problem that I have few characters either, I like to keep them for a long time!
  13. Hello! Is there any way to change the color of my character to pink in Magical Meets? I saw that it is done by eating 5 peaches, but I can not find them
  14. Well, then MyMeets I will not be able to use. As for the official app, in the video the same candidates always came out... even when other couples were formed, the same ones candidates come back again!
  15. Thank you, Jhud! I will definitely get a meets. About the app, I have some doubts: 1. MyMeets is only used on PC? With an infrared usb? 2. The official, in the dating place, I've seen videos where if they don't get married the first time, the same candidates come out again and again. Why? These candidates are other people's characters or the app generates? Why don't they change?