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  1. Got my money back for the m!x I was going to get, and I regret nothing.

  2. Just bought a re-release of the P1 and P2! (The Japanese logo one)

  3. Tamagotchi M!X hasn't showed up, after over a month. (probably going to cancel the order)

    1. AnniChu


      Aw man, that's too bad..

  4. I'm considering about getting one, I'd have to see how it works before I buy one. I'd probably order a yellow or green one
  5. Yea, the only downside I see to getting a 20th anniversary one is that it cost almost twice as much as a Spacy. You can get all locations with 1 M!X on a Spacy, with the exception of Mermaid Palace. You can still get Gozaru Village with Madamtchi, the Park Vendor, although it's EXTREMELY rare (along with most Mermaid Palace items.) I already placed my order for a purple Tamagotchi Spacy M!X a few weeks back, and it should be arriving here in 2 days or less. Thanks to everyone for all the help!
  6. Hurricane Florence is coming to my US state... >-

  7. If the sound is gone, the problem may be with the speaker. Here's a Vpet youtuber who shows how to fix a Digimon Pendulum X's speaker, which may help:
  8. My color Tamagotchi just got shipped all the way from Japan! Now just gotta wait until it comes to the USA!

  9. Hello guys. I'm honestly disappointed with the Tamagotchi Meets and where it's going. There are a few reasons why I'm skeptical, but hopefully these problems will be fixed or won't be so bad in the future. 1) The Bluetooth Connectivity I think it's quite... interesting that they're doing something like this again. It's sort of like Tamatown and the 4U just got jumbled together and make this. With most tamagotchis, you can usually get all features, but with the 4U, some of the features are nonexistant until you get the app, which wouldn't even work. It's sort of like a Pay to Win scenario, because you literally have to buy a new phone to get the features. However, this problem might not persist in the Meets, as they're using Bluetooth. Also, the page I got this info from said it was probably going to be a "Japan exclusive." So I'm really hoping this is something you can do on the side, and you can still have fun with the toy, even if you don't do all this. Hopefully this will be a cool feature. 2) The Character Selection Okay, I've been looking at the character selection a bit. I'm glad to see some fan-favorites like Mametchi, Kuromametchi, and Kikitchi in there. However, it seems like their is always a formula - a bipedal, colorful, cartoon pet based off of something. Some do look pretty neat, though, but really, they could've been a lot more creative. Anyways, that's all my ranting I guess. I'm really looking forward to the Tamagotchi Meets, and I'm planning to get a green one for Christmas. I'll need to watch some YouTube reviews prematurely, though. I just hope these issues don't end up so bad, and that the Bluetooth will actually work. If I missed anything or if you disagree, go on ahead, I'd be happy to hear your input. Thanks for reading!
  10. I think you should, it'd be a great souvenir if you like Tamagotchis, and you don't really need to know the language to know how to play the toy. Incase you need a guide, go ahead and look at this website, it has a lot of guides on it that could be very helpful: You should definitely get a M!X over a Friends if you're having that debate.
  11. Just ordered a brand-new Tamagotchi Spacy M!X! My first color tamagotchi!

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad
    2. tamagotchirocks


      That's great!! I'm having a blast with my new m!x :D

  12. This took about less than an hour to make, and I'm finally done!
  13. I'm been considering on whether or not I should buy a Tamagotchi M!X Spacy/Melody on ebay. Any recommendations on where I can get it cheaper? Overall is it a good tamagotchi? I'm just wondering so if you have any helpful info, please reply, I need all the help I can get