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  1. Guys I love them Been really busy with this little gal, so sorry for short post.
  2. Lunatchi grew up. She was a dessert head who went on to marry a dog just like her father before her. Their baby, Dishchi, was a really cute lop-eared girl. Dishchi was very popular on the app. She had a lot of gentleman friends. But her heart lay... with another dog. Only this one had a cherry symbiote. s Thankfully the offspring, Spoonchi, only inherited her dad's pink napkin, and not his creepy parasitic twin. Finally, Spoonchi went in on the family tradition and married the BEST DOG YET. ...because I got my first set of TWINS!! Meet Moonchi and Sunchi! They're different colours so I guess they're fraternal twins? Anyway I love them! Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Moonchi and Sunchi!
  3. Okay, sooo, Templechi grew up to become a wall-eyed adult with the same fashion problems as his forbears. I didn't get many pictures of him, here's one when he married Miss. Apple And finally FINALLY THE DRESS WAS NO MORE FINALLY GOT RID OF THE DRESS I HAD FROM GEN 1!!!! This little guy was called Cupar and that was one of the only pics I got of him. He was cute and wall-eyed like his dad. I liked him so much that I kept him for a few days before marrying him to a dog. This little one is named Lunachi, after Luna, my puppy that I will be picking up in 2 weeks time. Here's a pic of her :3 Until next time!
  4. Cute! I love his little cloud buddy on his head.
  5. I love how much the purple hat persisted haha, I assume it is a gene and not an accessory?
  6. Okay so.. Not much of note has happened. A new tama was born that I called Chichi. On the advice of Ginjirochi_lover I neglected poor chichi, depriving him of food and attention so that he grew into a weird wiggly blob. Kids these days. I don't know if how you raise em' as babies has an effect on personality, but chichi was needy. He seemed to call/beep quite often and ran out of happiness faster than my other tamas so far. That night, I accidentally left the sound on and at around 11:30 when I was trying to sleep, the bloody thing wore me up with crazed beeping. I managed to grab a pic, I guess he was having a nightmare about a smug brick wall and sweaty blue hands. He grew up and although he did look quite cute, he still had that bloody dress on no matter how he tried to hide it with a giant ribbon. A reddit user by the name of Lemonsharc kindly came online so I could marry Chichi to their cute dog tama, I'm hoping that by marrying to a completely different body shape I can finally break the dress curse. It took a few attempts because the app was being glitchy, but eventually they were married. And Temple was born! (I was watching a down the rabbit hole video on youtube about temple OS as the time which is where the name came from, bit of a hard watch but very interesting.) Temple seems to have his mum's beret so I hold out hope he'll have her body shape too. He's already proven his worth, with him I was finally able to get the snow globe for the first time! Finally a bonus image I snapped at the weekend Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Temple!
  7. Congrats on your twins, how cute!
  8. I have a feeling my logs are going to 100% consist of "my tama grew up and looks like a dingus, here's who married them" type posts Anyway Joopchi grew up and looks like a dingus I like the white/yellow/blue colours together but of course he is wearing the "family dress" This colouration actually reminds me of the two-toned chao from SA2... This is who married him, can you tell what genes I am interested in? I really want a "w" shaped mouth haha The whole purpose of these guys is to breed...I feel like i'm just practising tamagotchi eugenics rather than caring for them as pets.. but I guess the game encourages this. Lemon, who for now has her dad's weird cake topper swirls. This is her pet, Floosie Don't worry, it won't be long until Lemon joins the next phase of my anti-pink dress breeding programme
  9. Good luck little Basedchi... hopefully you're going to be just a unique specimen as your ancestors XD
  10. Wow 58 days?? Is it tough to take care of a tama that old? I'd say 'don't kill them' is a great goal lol.
  11. Hi Crazychick, glad you're enjoying it! I don't think I have a secret, i've just been taking photos real close up with my phone camera (but not so close that it blurs the image,) and hosting them from imgur. I have a samsung s7 if that helps at all. Ok so things are basically moving at a 100mph pace. Dink grew up and is stILL WEARING THAT GODDAMN DRESSDEEFDGvfebvn I do think he's sort of cute especially with the apple of his head, but that friggin dress is a curse at this point (I know it's only been like 4 generations but srsly). Later, Dink ignored the perils of stranger danger, and followed what I can only describe as an LSD trip nightmare beast into another dimension (the star place? observatory? Something like that.) "don't do drugs kids!" Anyway Dink's bachelor life came to a screeching halt as I found him a blushing bride, the lovely miss pudding. Check out miss pudding's twin all like "oh thank god I don't have to marry fuzzy william tell over there" Anyway this is Dink and miss pudding's son, Joop. Do not ask me where I get these names from, because I don't even know. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Joop!
  12. Sorry that I'm posting so much X3 but I'm fully into the app now lol. Jojo proved to be very popular in the plaza, I was pretty surprised when two tamas proposed to her. I knew from reddit that you could accept the proposal and not connect the device and therefor not get the egg. This probably all seems very normal to you guys, but for me i'm just laughing at the idea of Jojo being a deadbeat mom and serial bigamist. At the same time I was trying to find a good husbando for Jojo. I really liked this pink guy (his name is just 'pink guy') and thankfully he consented to getting hitched! Dink is born! ..aaand immediately goes to bed because it's past 10pm here. I have work tomorrow, but you know, priorities. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Dink!