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  1. Hi lovely people! :3 I just tried to unlock Mermaid Palace on my Sanrio m!x by connecting it to my new Meets and it won't work? I reset the Meets each time, chose a different name every time, too, and when I go into my m!x's list of other tamas it connected to, it lists all 4 connections as individual tamas. But when I went to the park (which is mentioned as the last step on, nothing happened? Did I do something wrong? Do I have to do something different when I try to unlock Mermaid Palace with a Meets instead of a second m!x? Tips would be appreciated! EDIT: OH MY GOD so the park square mentioned on is my garden??? like, in front of my house??? I just hit sent on this post when my m!x beeped at me and after feeding it I went outside to look at the stars AND THERE WAS THE TURTLE! Can I delete this post here? :D''