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  1. I understand this much but I think I was expecting a little more balance of the care aspect. Ads are a must when you aren't doing the freemium thing of course, and I'd be happy to grind them if it actually accomplished something worthwhile.
  2. Anyone else with the app finding it as difficult to upkeep as I am, or am I just like missing something? Things so expensive to keep fed and happy, and the output from the games isnt really enough to keep it stated AND save up for accessories. Its status also goes down at the speed of light, so it feels like a constant race between meeting it's needs and earning enough to actually do so. Find myself grinding ads mostly which eats my data and isn't much fun.
  3. i dunno why but i opened this expecting something like this like you know how everythin in tama world has a face on it? i was like wow...that's bizarrely specific? the reality makes more sense.
  4. Whats up, i had an account here years ago but who knows what the heck i went by online back then