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  1. Yeah, I tried to connect through the app as well, without pairing it at all. It still didn't work. It would lag for a second like it wanted to work, but no luck. :< I'm glad its working on your ipad though! Its nice to have a backup if ones phone doesn't work. Hopefully as people get their tamagotchis we can figure out some sort of solution.
  2. I just received mine in the mail early today. Its wonderful so far! I did run into an issue regarding Bluetooth though. :< When I try to connect my tama the phone to preform Bluetooth Pairing, the phone says "Couldn't pair with TMGC_meets because of an incorrect PIN or passkey" and gives me no further information. It doesn't even prompt me to input a pin so I have no chance to give it a correct pin even if I had one. Anyone have any suggestions as far as help goes? (be it now or later, when people get their Tamagotchis). I saw the app had a list of compatible phones, but Bluetooth is an older technology, hence I didn't anticipate it would matter this much. I'm trying to use it on a Moto x4 with android 8.1.0 for reference.
  3. Yay! Amazing QwQ I didn't ever have the chance to order the Japanese version so this is very appreciated. Gonna get some with my best friendo. I really love how they're actually releasing tamagotchis in some form in english now.
  4. It appears that a Pokemon cross over with Tamagotchi was recently leaked! (See source at Serebii and Siliconera here: , ) This hasn't been announced officially as of yet, so lets hope for more news. This is like a dream come true. I can't even describe the excitement. I also have no idea when the release date will fall, but hopefully we'll see more of this soon.
  5. Japan You Want has started to accept preorders for the Meets. They cost $61.99 each. My best friend and I snagged two of them. :> Its time!