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  1. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #15 January 15, 2019 Hey all! Back with another log. I've been meaning to make one for a while, but for some reason, I'm not able to upload a picture- it says max size of 0.01 MB, and I can't make any of my pictures small enough. Is anyone else having this problem? Anyway, I ordered a V2 last week, and it SHOULD have been here yesterday. Per usual, USPS has not only not delivered it on time, but the tracking is now offline and will only tell me that it is "at the distribution center". So no idea when that'll be arriving. Maybe when it does, Ill write a full review of each of the Connection series, as I'll have almost all of them (minus the 5.5 and the Music Star, both of which I am not interested in). I wanted to upload an image of my V1, which I customized a while back and recently touched up. It now has a lovely gradient instead of the original stripes that I made, and I have to say that I like it a lot better this way. V4.5 The lil baby from my last log is all grown up! Cedar is a Celebatchi now, and I love his cute little butterfly mask. I've actually been keeping the 4.5 paused quite a bit these days, as work is picking back up and I would rather focus on my V1 and the Plus color. I did just get a bunch of new batteries (which came in a giant cardboard box? Like, a tiny strip of 5 batteries came in a full sized Amazon box? With plastic packing bubbles?) so I should have a nice supply for a while. Once my V2 gets here I may shelve the V4.5 for a little bit, to focus on the older connections- or maybe I'll shelve the plus color and have a connection party! Plus Color I'm on the 7th generation now! My last character after Memetchi was Kuromametchi, who was so adorable I kept him for longer than I usually do. I still haven't managed to get all of the happiness tokens due to the weather, which is my main gripe with the Plus Color. I do love how quickly the generations go by- it seems like the Plus color grows up MUCH faster than the connections do. V1 Starting this up was SUCH a trip down memory lane for me. I remember when the V1 first came out, and how my parents got me one after I begged. I was like, 9 at the time, and everyone in my school (I was in like, 4th grade) had one. The V1 is very simple compared to the other Connections I own- no gotchi points, no shop, no food options, only two games. I have to say, I really like it. I also like seeing the "old" characters again, especially now that I know a little more about how to go for certain ones. I love the custom job I did on this one too, and I'm looking forward to maybe customizing the V2 when it arrives. I was planning on uploading a set of pictures for my next custom tama, but given that I'm not able to upload photos right now, I don't know how that's going to work out. I'll see if I can fix the issue when I'm at home and on my own laptop, not the work computer that I was given.
  2. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #14 January 8, 2019 Hey all! I tried to update yesterday, but it was giving me a hard time. Luckily, today it seems like it's going to let me upload, so I can tell y'all what's been going on with the little guys! No news yet on the Eevee Tamagotchi- I don't think it's even shipped yet. But the estimated arrival is still before February, so hopefully I'll be seeing that in the next few weeks. V 4.5 Aster is a parent! He is 7 years old as of today, and I might switch up the clock to make him leave while I'm at work, since I have plenty of time to devote to a new baby. The kid's other parent was an UraYattachi, so I'm looking forward to seeing if this next Gen is going to be in the UraKutchi family or the UraMeme family. Plus Color I got Memetchi! I still haven't managed to fill up all of the happy tokens- because the weather hasn't bee cooperating! I can't get the shooting star, the rainbow, or the clover when it's snowing or rainy, and that's all I've seen for the past week. I'm actually debating changing the date to try and get the weather to change, since I would love to get all the tokens at least once. Hopefully I can marry this Tama off and start Gen 6, although Memetchi is so adorable I'll be sad to see her go. I feel like I'm getting to the point where the Tamas I am running... They aren't getting boring, but they've lost their luster. I'll certainly keep running the V 4.5, since it's my fave Connection, but I might try and get another Color Tama for my collection. I also want to customize- thinking about touching up my V1 and then running it for a while, just to have another Connection going again, or maybe trying to get a V2 so that I have all of them.
  3. Hazel2468

    Welcome to the NEW TAMATALK!

    Hey. I've noticed that I am having a lot of trouble uploading pictures (it keeps telling me that I cannot upload files over a certain size, even if the file is smaller). I'm not 100% sure if this is a site thing, or if it is the work computer that I have been posting from. Will try posting later from my home computer, but I was wondering if anyone else is having the same problems.
  4. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #13 January 4, 2019 Hey everyone! I'm at work, and my phone is dead, so no picture of the Tamas today :/. I just wanted to give a quick update on what's been happening, since it seems like this week and next are going to be pretty busy. I'm about to start working for a hotline, so depending on when my shifts are, I'll have less free time than usual. I'm debating starting up my V1 Connection, since it's been a while and I miss having another connection running. I'm a bit tired of my V4 and I've had it on pause for about a week, so I think it's time to shut that one down for the moment. V4.5 All is well! Aster is 4 years old today. I've gotten on a MUCH better sleep schedule, so it's been possible to just leave my tamas running like normal, which is really nice. I'll be keeping track of what character Aster marries, and what family the baby ends up being in. I am LOVING this character, though. UraTogetchi is super fuzzy and adorable, and his little wings are so cute! I'll be sad to see him go. At some point, when I have another Connection running and synced up age-wise, I think I'll go for marrying the Oldies. But I don't want to break my generation streak right now. Plus Color I matched my Tama this morning right after I got to work, and I FINALLY have a baby girl! She's currently a Sakuramotchi, which is super cute, and I'm looking forward to going for a specific character. I'm thinking maybe Memetchi, or if I mess up and have some care misses, Furawatchi. Still thinking about customizing my V5. I've had a lot less time than I wanted to, especially now that I am sleeping normally. But when I do eventually get around to it (probably over a weekend) I'll do another progress post like I did for my V4. I have to decide on the gradient/pattern that I'm going to do first.
  5. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    Thanks so much! I'm glad that you found my logs helpful! I'm not sure about replacement chains- so far I haven't been able to find anything suitable either. I've looked mostly at craft stores like Michaels. I know the vintage tamas have those ball-chains, and those are the 2.4 or 2.5 mm beads. But as for a link chain, I'm not sure. OKAY after a few minutes of digging I MIGHT have found something on Amazon. Search "split key ring with chain" and you should see some stuff that looks preeeetty darn similar to the chains that Tamas come with. I cannot vouch for these, and I have no idea what the quality or link size is like, but I am hopeful. If anyone here has bought chains like that from Amazon and has any suggestions, feel free to chime in!
  6. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #12 January 2, 2019 Hi everyone! SO sorry for the long delay- things got a little nuts over finals time, and the holidays were pretty hectic, too. I'm finally back to a normal schedule, so hopefully I'll be able to get back on my regular Tama run. As of right now, I am only running two regularly, but a lot has happened. V 4.5 Wow, a LOT has happened since my last update. The little guy on the screen is Aster, and this is Gen 3! I would like to be further along, and probably would be more than just one Gen from my last post, but I had pretty much all of my tamas paused (or set to sleep in the case of my Plus Color) for all of finals and most of the holidays. Now that I'm up and running again, he's an adorable little Daiyatchi! I've been trying to keep track of the family mechanics on the 4.5- it seems to me that what "family" your tama is part of after the first Gen depends on the parents, and so far that has been accurate. Gens 1 and 2 were both the Ura-Mame family, but this one seems to be Ura-Meme, like the tama I matched Clary with. I'll keep track of the family changes as I keep going. Plus Color Well, this has got me hooked on color tamas for sure! I would love to get another Plus Color with a different shell, but this has been one of my all-time favorites. Right now, I'm on Gen 4, and I've noticed that the generations seem to go a LOT faster on the Plus Color. Probably because there isn't any "wait for two or three days" into adulthood like on the Connections- you can go to the Matchmaker after you've been an adult for 24 hours. SO far, I haven't been able to get all of the little happy tokens, which is my one gripe with the Plus Color. Getting all of them is highly dependent on the weather, and since it's winter, I'm getting nothing but a lot of snow. I've also had 4 generations of boys- hoping to get a girl next time so I can go for some different characters. I'll try to come back with some regular updates. I'm planning on customizing the V5 that I got recently, and hopefully, I'll be getting an Eevee Tama in the mail by the end of the month! I pre-ordered it back in November, and it should be here before February. I'm also going to look into making my next purchase one of the color Tamas- either another Plus Color with a different shell (I would LOVE one of the purple ones, or maybe one of the blues), or one of the iD/iDLs. I've heard great things about those, and they're pretty cheap on JapanYouWant. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know! I'm always open to other ideas. Let me know what your favorite color Tama is!
  7. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #11 December 9, 2018 Hi! Here again with another little update! Not too much has happened recently. Finals are approaching, so I've been pausing my tamas to do school work quite a bit. But, as you can see in the picture below, my Plus Color is finally here! I absolutely love it so far, and I'll go into more detail on that later. I'm still toying (pun not intended) with the idea of customizing my V5, as I've managed to scratch some more of the paint off by accident (I dropped it, bad me). I'm very much torn between trying to maybe repaint the original design, or doing something totally new. I probably won't have time for the next couple of weeks, what with two exams and two massive papers, but when I do get around to it, I'll be sure to do another process post, like I did with my V4. V4: Anise is a cute lil strawberry now! I'm hoping for Memetchi this time around, since I've never had that character. I still need to put the antennae topper on and paint it, but I just can't seem to find the time to actually sit down and do it. It'll probably get done when I'm customizing the V5. I've noticed that the paint is coming off, and still feels a little sticky in some places, so I might give spray varnish a try on the shell, to see how it works out. I have to say, the more I play with the V4, the less I like the games. I'm not really sure why, but I much prefer the games on the 4.5 and the Plus Color. V4.5: Clary is a toddler now, and doing pretty well. I don't know what character I want to try for yet, but seeing as I love all of them, I don't think I'll be too bothered. The 4.5 is by far my favorite connection, with the best games and probably the best animations. I'm trying to keep this one going and unpaused a bit more than the V4, just because I like it better, but it's super hard with all the work I have. Hopefully over winter break I can dedicate a lot more time to Tamas (and shiny hunting, too, but that's another story). V5: They're all grown up! I only got the Bonding to 60% before they evolved, and I'm still not quite sure how it works. But I'm figuring it out. I can't wait until I can start the next generation, and try out those other games that I don't have access too right now. I've been really enjoying the V5 a lot. It requires even less maintenance than the 4.5, which is super nice- I can just leave it alone for a while and they just do their own thing. It's always fun to catch them asking for training (they just called as I was writing this, actually!), and I love the little animations they do! It's so adorable. I'm not quite sure when they will be allowed to use the "Dating Channel"- I had kind of assumed that it was when they were adults for a full day, but I still can't. I'll just keep trying. Plus Color: It's finally here! I'm so excited to tell all of you what I think of it. First off, I love the shell. I'm usually not a very red person, but the color reminds me of a strawberry, and it just looks so nice! It's a LOT bigger than the connections, but it fits in the little carrying pouches I bought (and the seller also knit one for me, which was super nice!). Gameplay -wise, I LOVE it. The color and backlit screen is super nice, the animations are adorable, and I love the games. The fact that it's in Japanese, which I cannot read, does sometimes confuse me (like when selecting something from the menu), but I've played around with it enough that I know where all the important options are. It's just so cute! There are fewer characters available, but I kind of like the simplicity. I also love the little tokens that you need to collect- I'm trying so hard to get the Tea one right now. I can't wait for him to become an adult, and I can't wait to unlock even more features!
  8. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #10 December 6, 2018 Hi everyone! Here with some more Tama news! A general update- my Plus Color has STILL not arrived. I filed a missing mail report, and I'm hoping that USPS gets with the program and delivers it to me by the end of the day today, or maybe tomorrow. Anyway- The gang's all here! V4: Chive has left me with his daughter. I named her Anise (keeping with the herb theme), and she is now a bouncing lil toddler! I'm on third Gen. now. I think I'm going to try for Memetchi this time around, although it all depends on what teenager I get. I've had her on pause for most of the day because of class, but she's doing well! She's still at 0 years old, but I'm hoping that I don't have the same aging issue that I had with Chive. I'm trying to pause and change the time less, but it's hard with school and work. V4.5: Phlox is a parent! Another baby girl, and this will bring me into my second Gen on the 4.5! He's still sticking around, but I think he should be going away either tonight or tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can go in terms of generations. I'm still loving the 4.5- I think the games are more fun. But I am still having button troubles. I gave the contacts a little clean which hasn't seemed to help much. Hopefully I figure out what's going on with it. V5: Okay, I love this version. There's something so adorable about having a little family, all running around. I like the two games available, tea time and TV surfing. I'm really looking forward to getting some parents and being able to play the other games as well! All of them are teens now, so it shouldn't be too much longer. I might have the makings of a Mametchi family, although I'm really not sure how the "pure" families work. I'll figure it out, I suppose! I am very much considering doing a custom paint on this as well- maybe a light blue and purple gradient. I think it would look nice with the bright green accents, and it kind of matches the existing color scheme already. I also wanted to share with you how I've been storing my tamas! The ones im not using are set up on my dresser, but the three I am running have been taking up space on my night table until now. I kept knocking them over, so I came up with a better idea! Here they are! This is on the wall beside my bed. I'm using the little command hooks, and I gotta say, I love it. They're within reach at all times, but I'm not constantly knocking into them or having to rearrange them to put my phone down. Eventually, when I have a more permanent apartment, I'll probably find a little shelving unit or something to store them in, but until then this works perfectly! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my Plus Color, if it ever gets here, but I'll find a place for it. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments!
  9. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #10 December 3, 2018 First off, thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you like my customs- I absolutely LOVE making them. I have a little update- my V5 came in the mail today! I just started running it tonight, so i have some comments on it! My Plus Color was supposed to arrive in the mail today, but it seems USPS dropped the ball and I'll have to wait. Hopefully it comes tomorrow (and not Thursday, as apparently we aren't having mail on Wednesday?? My doorman mentioned that.) V4: Chive is a parent! He is 5 years old today, turned five just before 3, and the Matchmaker showed up while I was at work! he has an adorable baby girl. I'm super excited to keep on racking up the Generations- I've never actually tried to see how far I could get before, so I'm looking forward to that. I still need to attach the antennae topper. I did make one- it's a super simple clay piece, looks like the V3 one. I'm going to go and get some strong glue and paint it ASAP. V4.5: I got UraMametchi! He's the character I wanted, and I love him! Really looking forward to continuing in Generations on this one, too. I have to say, the characters on the 4.5 are SO cute! I love how all the Ura-versions have extra cute features, like tails and horns and wings! I'll probably try to go for one of each Ura character, as well as the original ones. I like the games a lot, but I have been having issues with the buttons responding. I opened it up and everything looks alright, but I think I need to give it a wipe off with rubbing alcohol or something. V5: This is my very first V5 ever! I really like the idea of raising a whole family- it always did make me a little sad when the parents on the other connections left and I just had one baby. I also like how there are different family types and family names. I was VERY original- mine is the Tama family. The sound seems a lot louder than my other two connections, the animations are a lot smoother, and everything seems to move just a bit faster. Based on the hour and a half I've had it running, I love it. I'm still not used to the games and I need to figure out all of the functions, but it seems very cool. I did find a nice thread with all of the codes for extra items and meals, so I'm starting the process of putting all of those in. I think the characters on this version also look cute! On a related note, I am thinking about customizing my V5. I do like the shell a lot, but the paint is a little damaged, so I'll either totally strip it off and come up with a new design (probably a gradient, let's be real, i can't get enough of those) or I'll touch up the existing design and give the whole thing a coat of varnish. it's still up in the air. I was also going to customize my V3- I came up with a really cute white bamboo design, but I can't get the screws out of the back. They seem like the might be stripped, so if the superglue trick doesn't work I'll either take it to a jeweler or just put some cute stickers on it.
  10. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #9 November 29, 2018 Hey all! Back with another log and some general updates! As you can see int he picture below, i got my 4.5! I've been absolutely loving it- the 4 and 4.5 are without a doubt my favorites. I love the 4.5 shell- I think it looks beautiful, and I'm planning on getting some matching peacock themed charms for it. I picked up a V5 earlier in the week, as I've never had one before, and today I decided to take up an offer on a Plus Color! I got the red and white shell, and it should be here in the next couple of weeks! This will be my first ever color Tama, so I'm really excited! I also discontinued by V3 and Angel. Work has been picking up, and with finals approaching I decided to cut down to just two tamas. V4: Chive is all grown up! I got the adult that I wanted, and he's such a cute stripey boy! I have to say that I really like the skill points on the 4 and 4.5. It makes it a little bit easier to go for characters that you want, and it's fun trying to manage those points and hoping for the evolution you want. The games are also a total blast on this one. Chive has become a teacher, and supervises the kids getting onto the bus, which is super adorable. Last time, I mentioned that he had some... aging problems, and those are still there. He's only two years old, even though he's been an adult since Thanksgiving. My biggest concern is how this will impact the MatchMaker- I'm not sure if that's based on hours as an adult or the actual age. I suppose I'll find out soon enough. I'll probably have to put Chive on hold when my V5 shows up, so I can take some time to get the hang of it, but given how much I love the custom shell I'll be back. I also still need to make an antennae topper- I have the clay, so it's a matter of molding and baking and painting it. Oh, and I also added a coat of some new varnish I got. It fixed the issue with the shell feeling tacky and I think it looks a lot better. V4.5: This little fella is Phlox! He evolved into this party-cracker-looking-thing about two seconds after I finished my paper, so that was very appropriate. I've never had a 4.5 before, and I am LOVING it. It's basically the same as the 4, but I would say maybe better? I like some of the games more, I like the characters (I'm going for Ura Mametchi this time), and I honestly just adore the shell. It's such a lovely color and pattern. I also think the animation looks a tad bit smoother on the 4.5 than on the 4, but I could also just be a little biased. I'm looking forward to Phlox evolving, graduating, and moving on to the next generation- there are SO many adorable characters in this version. There is also apparently a secret character that I can get? So I'm looking forward to that. I also read that what characters you have after Gen. 1 is determined by the parents, so I'll have to figure all of that out. I'll post another update when my V5 arrives! Really looking forward to starting that up, since I never had one of those either. Also SUPER excited for my tamagotchi color. I know I'll have to devote some time to playing with it and figuring out what everything is, since it's in Japanese, but that'll be fun!
  11. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #8 November 22, 2018 Wow... Sorry for the delay! Things have been a little bit nuts! You might notice in the picture below that my sheets look different- I went back to my parent's place for Thanksgiving! Just got home, and unpaused all of my Tamas. A quick general update- I ordered a 4.5 with a really cool shell this past week. It should be waiting for me when I get back home on Sunday, so I'll maybe include that in my next update. Tempted to replace my V3 with it, since I am liking the V4 so much. I also pre-ordered the Eevee tamagotchi! That should be arriving in a few months, in early February. But I'm super happy that I managed to snatch one up, since they ran out so fast! V3: Pekoe is 3 years old! Most of these little fellas have been paused for the past few days, with traveling and the holiday (and lots of prepping and cooking). I'm still having fun with this version, but I am finding myself more and more focused on the V4. I think I might shelve this after Pekoe is an adult- possibly look into doing another custom paint job. I'm a bit torn because I like the games on the V3 better- especially the one where you catch the music notes. I think that's my favorite. But running more than 3 really isn't realistic for me, so I'll probably switch this one out for the V4.5 when it arrives. V4: Chive is a teenager! He's still 0- mainly because I had him turned off for custom painting, and then paused for travel. I think there might be a glitch, because he's already in regular school and hasn't aged... Maybe I messed with the clock too much. I'm loving this version, and this time around I'm actually focusing on his skill points. I'm going for the little bumblebee looking guy, can't remember his name. But he's adorable, so hopefully I do this right. In terms of the paint job, I am a little concerned about the finish. It's tacky, so I'll be looking for a better varnish and seeing if that helps to harden it up. Angel: My Angel left me yesterday at the age of 18. Pretty sure I had the "good" ending, and then I started over again! I'm trying to get a different adult, so this time around I'm being a bit more neglectful. I'll probably shelve this one, too, in favor of trying out my V1 connection. But I'm really glad that I have it, and it's so cute! I'll keep you all posted on what happens with the V4.5, and my V4... I'm hoping it starts aging like normal and I don't have to do a full reset on it. I'm only two generations in, but I really don't want to start over.
  12. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    Special Log: Custom Tama Part 2! Alright, we've mostly finished! Today I sat down to some perfectly dry paint and was faced with mixing the right colors. That took me a good long while, but I eventually got it! I blocked out where I wanted the colors, and then got down to doing the gradient. I don't have any sponges, so I use paper towels... A lot of them. I probably spent about two hours just dabbing paint on, trying to get the colors to blend the way I want. And in the end... It worked! This is before any varnish was added, and I almost wish I had some matte topcoat, because I really liked the way it looked. Might give that a shot for my next custom- and there will be more. I think I'm a little addicted to this now. I started adding the varnish, and built up layer after layer until I got something I was happy with. The second picture is where I am now. I'm thinking that this is it- I just need to make sure the top coat doesn't dry all sticky, and figure out what I'm doing for the topper. Still leaning towards making it look more like the V3, and I might be able to work on that over Thanksgiving break. But for now, I think I can call this custom probably mostly done, barring any issues with the varnish. I'm thinking about trying to maybe start doing customs for other people, although I'm really not sure how to go about it. I can't paint detailed things, so it would be pretty much all gradients or simple patterns (think like, a Pokeball kind of pattern). But I love painting tamas so much, I want to keep doing it. Might try to get my hands on some more of the re-releases and see what I can do with those. Thanks again for all of your sweet comments! I'll post a final update when I figure out what I'm doing with the antennae topper. See you then!
  13. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    Special Log: Custom Tama! Hey everyone! So, I couldn't sleep (it is now 3:15 AM) and I decided that I wanted to get started on another custom. This time, I plan on mixing the Pride theme and the gradient, and I'm going a pink to purple to blue on my V4. The bi flag is hands down one of my favorite color combos out there, and it also fits with the sunset theme I was planning for my V4. I see a lot of people posting about their customs, and I figured that, since I have a TamaLog now, I would go ahead and make a special post or two about my process. This is only my third custom ever, so there'll probably be some bumps, but I'm hoping that I learned something from the previous two. This was step one- I sanded off the factory paint. On my first custom I used PolyWatch to take the paint off, but I found that roughing up the plastic really helps the acrylics to adhere better. It's always really weird when I see a tama without the factory paint, but it also gives me an idea of what I'm working with. I think that the black border around the screen is going to look nice with the colors I've chosen. Next is a LOT of painting. To minimize brushstrokes, I take white acrylic and water it waaaay down, and then apply it in thin layers. Because there's so little, the paint dries quick, but it still took me about two hours of painting and drying over and over to get it to this state. I got some paint on the border, but I'll either scrape it off or just paint over it with black paint later. I think I've got enough white paint down, so the next step will be to block out where I want what colors, and then to start sponging! I used paper towels for my last gradient, so I'll be doing the same here. My biggest concern is that acrylics dry, as I said, really fast, so blending the paints can be difficult. But, I managed on my P2, so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best! My only other concern is that this V4 has a weird yellow ball at the end of it's antennae (I removed it for painting and sanding), which isn't going to match the final color pallet at ALL. I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of the little toppers on the V4 and 4.5, so I might see if I can leave it off and cap the antennae, like on the V3. Alternately, I would go looking for a defective tama or a V4 shell that isn't being used that has a purple topper. Right now, I'm leaning towards trying to make my own topper. Maybe pick up some clay and see what I can do. I'll post another log on this tomorrow, when I have more time to work on getting the colors started. For now, I'm going to leave the shell to dry overnight, just to be extra sure that the white paint doesn't wipe off when I start going at it with paper towels.
  14. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #7 November 15, 16, and 17 Hey everyone! Thank you SO much for your kind comments! I'm so glad that you're enjoying my TamaLog! A quick general update- I got a case for my Angel! I was always super worried about the paint getting damaged or the plastic, so I got a cute little vintage case from an acquaintance and it works great! I also love the color- the picture doesn't quite do it justice. Technically this log is for the 15th and 16th, but since it's past midnight and I'm taking care of these little fellas, I'll include the 17th too. Anyway, we have some Tama News! Two new little babies! V3 A LOT has happened in the past two (technically three, since it's past midnight now) days. Matcha married Basil (V4) and they had two adorable little boys! I've named this little fellow Pekoe, which is another kind of tea. I've decided to stick with the tea theme, mostly because my girlfriend loves tea and she always has something new for me. Right now he's just a needy little baby, but I'm very excited to see what he grows up into! This is my 3rd generation on the V3! V4 Basil has returned to TamaTown, leaving me with his kid, little Chive! This is only my second generation on the V4, but I'm already having fun (I've had to stop typing this twice now to tend to them and play games). I do wish that I had another V4 or a 4.5 to connect this with, and the 4.5 is next on my list of tamas to buy. On a technical note- I have notice that the buttons, especially the middle button, don't respond as well as they should. I've lost many a game of Jump Rope or Flag because of this. I'm feeling like this will be the next tama I customize (maybe a nice sunset gradient would look good), so I'll take another look at the hardware when I remove the shell. I've opened it before and everything looked alright... Maybe I just need to clean the contacts. I'm really excited to be on my second generation and see what this little guy becomes! Angel The Angel still vexes me. As of today, my little Chestnut is 11, I think. I was hoping to get the Twins, but it hasn't changed, and I'm not really sure what I have to do differently. The Deeds meter is full, I keep the hearts full, and the AP has never dropped to zero. Oh well. I do love the Angel, and when it comes time to decide if I'm keeping it running or going with three connections, it's going to be hard. I like how it's a pretty low-maintenance tama: it's easier for me to deal with when I'm working or in class than the connections are. Alright, that's all for today... tonight? This morning? I'll keep you guys updated, and if I decide to do a custom this weekend, I'll post some pics! Thanks again, so much, for all of your sweet comments!
  15. Hazel2468

    Hazel's TamaLog

    TamaLog #6 November 12 and 13 Before I start, thanks so much! I'm glad you like the shells! I'm hoping to do another in the near future, once I have some time to breathe between school and work! Well, this was a BIG couple of days for my Tamas, and for me. A general update- I'm currently debating what to do next. I might want to actually customize my V4, because I really like the way the V3 looks just plain green. But it's still up in the air- I would want to do another gradient, and I think some pink, purple, and yellow sunset colors would look nice on the V4. V3 Matcha grew up this morning, at the same time as my V4! They both woke me with their beeping. Not 100% sure what this little girl is called, Bunbuntchi I think? But she's doing well! I've been connecting her with Basil on the V4 quite often, and they're already in love! Hoping that they have some adorable little lumps soon to kick off Gen 3! V4 Basil is an adult! I was hoping for a different character, but this one is pretty cute, too. Still would say that the V4 is my favorite that I've run so far- I love sending him to school and keeping track of my skill points! It adds something that I think is really missing from previous generations. Angel All grown up, and hopefully going to evolve into another character! I'm not really sure what I can get, and I kind of want to keep it a surprise. But this little fella is adorable. I've only caught it praying twice now, and it's deeds are super low- not sure how to remedy that. I was initially going to shelve the Angel after this run, but I've been having so much fun with it, I might do another. We'll see. Thinking about running my V1 next, since it's been a really long time, and I love the connections. i also want to keep the generations going on my other two, so if I do shelve the Angel, it'll be a connection party! Probably won't ever be able to run more than three at a time, but that's okay! Again, thanks so much to mimitchi for the sweet comment! I'll keep all of you posted on my customs and will definitely post pics if I decide to do another!