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  1. TamaLog #30 February 27, 2019 Hey all, back here with another update. I've been running my Tamas a lot more consistently, and really enjoying all of them! Eevee Tama: I just reset this little fellow for the third time the other day. My most recent run, I got the Ditto Eevee (I thought I was going to get Sylveon, but WOW was my care off. I think I let him sleep too much) and the run before that, I got Glaceon. I'm trying to get Umbreon or Espeon this time around, so a lot of snacks and mediocre care. I thought I was going to shelve this Tama a lot sooner, but it's so low maintenance and I've been having so much fun with it! When I do shelve it, probably in the next few weeks or after this run, I'll be sure to put it back in the packaging so it stays nice. Akai: Well, we're on Generation 2! I now have an adorable Young Mametchi. The more I play with the Akai, the more I enjoy it. The pixels are still hard to see, but I'm figuring out what lighting is best (not the lighting that I have in this office, unfortunately). I do wish that there was a pause function on the Akai, as that would make it easier, and I wouldn't have to put her to bed every time I need to set the Tama aside for a while. V2 Connection: Little Clint is all grown up! He went from a cute little Ringotchi to a Pyonchitchi! I love his little round ears! He is currently 5 years old, so I'm expecting the Matchmaker to come in the next couple of days. I'll be sad to see Clint go, as I love this character and his cute little animations! Still, the V2 has so many character options, I'm excited to see what character I get next time, as there are a lot on this version that I've never had before.
  2. TamaLog #29 February 20, 2019 Alright! Here I am with another update. I want to try and be more regular with these logs, now that I've gotten into the rhythm of the semester. I've also added my English V2 Connection to the party again, as it is (so far) my favorite of the Connection Series. Eevee Tama: This time, I got a Glaceon! It's so cute, and based on my observations from this evolution and the last, it looks like the Berry Game is really what determines which Eeeveelution you will get. I only played the game a few times, as I was going for neglect, and I guess I caught the Ice Symbol more than the others. I'm planning on resetting today and trying for Sylveon, or maybe one of the Secret Characters! Apparently Sylveon is hard to get, as you need to make sure Eevee never calls for attention and is always happy... Not sure if I can manage that while also at work and in class! Might just go for the Team Rocket Eevee first. Akai: Well, this thing is adorable! Despite the crazy light pixels, I have really been enjoying the Akai! I smile every time I see the shell, and the adult character I got ( I think he's called Ribotchi?) is super cute! The games are fun- I've always loved the Connection V3's little catch game, and it's not been too high-maintenance, although maybe that's because I somehow got the best character possible for this generation. Because of work (and my own lack of sleep resulting in naps), my Tamas have been sleeping for most of the past three days. This little fella woke up a toddler, instantly evolved into a teen, and then after a few days of sleeping during the day, being up for a few hours here and there while I had time, and sleeping at night, he was suddenly an adorable little apple! Ringotchi is one of my favorites, so it was super cool to get him. I purposefully avoided character charts, so I had no idea what teens and adults were possible- until I looked it us just now to get their names right. I still haven't figured this thing out 100%- the vendor (I think that's who he is) confused me the first few times, but I'm getting there! Connection V2: Alright, this was quite a surprise! I thought I was going to have to wait until Jeb turned five, but the Matchmaker showed up yesterday when he was only three! I probably should have expected that, but the whole skipping-toddler-and-teen thing threw me off with Oyajitchi. I named his little boy Clint, and he was a needy lil thing for an hour last night before turning into a toddler! The V2 is for sure my fave of the Connections. I like the games, I love the characters, I like that it has the shop while being simpler than the versions with school and jobs and all of that.
  3. TamaLog #28 February 15, 2019 Well, it HAS been a while! Sorry for the late update- a lot has been going on. I've been sick for about a week now, and I'm back into work for the first time since last Friday. School has also picked up, although I missed all of my classes this week because I've been ill, and I am planning to travel back to my parent's house for this weekend in order to see some doctors. All in all, not the greatest week- but I FINALLY got my Akai in the mail the other day! I'll be doing a little first impressions down below. I did shelve my two connections for now: they really weren't holding my attention, although I fully intend to run them again in the near future. I do love my connections. Eevee Tama: This little thing is cute and low-maintenance enough that I've been able to run it even while sick and sleeping most of the day. I got Flareon as my first Eeveelution, and I enjoyed playing around with him for a few days before I reset to go for another character. Right now, I'm hoping for the Team Rocket Eevee or the Ditto Eevee. I've been letting it sleep with the lights on and making sure it's always just "Normal", never "Happy". No one I've spoken to really seems to know how the evolutions are decided outside of the berry game. Akai: Alright. Here it is! I am SO glad that I got this shell, because it is gorgeous! The fact that it was NiP means it is all shiny and perfect, and I am terrified that I will damage it. I was torn about taking it out and running it, and I am being extra-extra careful not to scratch it up or get dirt on it. This is my first Japanese Connection, and so far? I like it well enough. My biggest complaint is that the red pixels are SO light, that it's hard to see! The programming is basically just like the English V3, but I have to say... The BUTTONS on this thing! They's solid, like, really solid. The shell itself feels like it's made of better plastic, maybe? I'm not sure if I'll run this Akai as much as I do my English Connections, mainly because I already have bad eyesight and it is hard to see, but I am SO happy to have such a beautiful Tama in my collection. And the Red Pixels are a fun little gimmick.
  4. TamaLog #27 February 8, 2019 Alright, it's finally here! My Eevee Tama arrived the other day, and I am putting it into the rotation! I've been having a hard time keeping my Tamas running unpaused for any decent amount of time. I've been amazingly busy with school, work, apartment hunting, and job applications (life is coming at me all at once right now). I may be shelving my Connections when my Akai arrives in the mail and I start that up. I'm hoping that once I'm a bit less bogged down, I can get back into running more than just two Tamas at a time. V1: Nothing new to update. Agate is still only 2 years old, as I have had my V1 on pause for quite a while. As glad as I am to have Oyajitchi finally, I am finding this character to be really boring: there's none of the excitement of seeing the child and teen characters. Raising this guy doesn't feel as... Worth it, really. I think this might also be a part of why I am feeling less invested in my Connections right now. I'll get them married off as soon as I can, but I have a feeling these guys are either going on the shelf or are going to remain paused for quite a while. V2: Same as the V1, I have had Jeb on pause for quite a while. The V2 is a bit more enjoyable than the V1, although I do find the games impossible to play on silent (the Jump game in particular). I've been having some button issues, so I may have to crack this one open and give the buttons a little clean. Eevee Tama (First Impressions): Alright. I finally have the Eevee Tamagotchi that everyone has been talking about! I pre-ordered this in November, and got it in the mail after an annoying wait in customs. The first thing I thought when I saw it? Wow- this is SMALL. The Eevee Tama is possibly the tiniest thing I have ever laid my eyes on- and as such, it is also almost painfully adorable. This is my first Nano-esq Tamagotchi, and it is simple but very fun. The fact that it is a Pokemon Tama alone would make me happy with it, but the games are cute and enjoyable, if a little short: the "Catch Apples" game only goes up to a count of five. The Eevee character itself is one of the cutest Tamas I have ever seen- again, I am biased with my love for Pokemon. I have yet to see an evolution, but I am very much looking forward to it. This is a pretty low-maintenance Tama- you feed it or play with it when it gets sad, you clean up the little hairballs and groom it when it calls for attention, and it sleeps from 8PM to 7AM (or whatever time you decide to sync that up with- mine goes to sleep at 10 and wakes up at 9 to fit my schedule). I have to talk about the shell of the Eevee Tama. I have the yellow and white shell with Eevee's cute little face on it and, like the programming, it's adorable. The small size, simple pattern, and even the little chain that it hangs on all scream "I am tiny and adorbs". I'm taking great pains to keep the shell and screen damage-free, and I kept the packaging. Mainly because the price of this Tama has rocketed up since pre-orders ran out. This tama is going to be one that I run often, and one that I am happy to have in my collection for a long time to come.
  5. If we're doing Akais, I'm expecting one in the mail soon! If I get it in time, I would he happy to join in!
  6. Tama Log #26 February 4, 2019 Back with another update! My Eevee Tamagotchi is at the "Office of Internal Exchange" in the United States, which I presume is a fancy way to say "we're going to keep your package in customs for FAR longer than necessary just so make sure you can't play it yet". In addition, I also made another purchase yesterday. I got a NiP Autumn Ginko Leaves Akai! The shell is, without a doubt, my favorite of the Akais, and a shell I have wanted since I learned it existed. It is ALSO coming to me via Japan Post, so I am sure that customs will make my life difficult (I've heard a lot of horror stories from people who ordered Meets and Eevee Tamas from Japan to the States). V1: Well, Gem is gone. She left the evening after my last post, and I am not taking care of Agate, her baby boy. Agate was obscenely needy for an hour, and then he evolved into a lovely little spindly-legged Oyajitchi! He's doing quite well (asleep at the moment, because his clock is a few hours behind), and seems to go to sleep at 10:30PM, and wake up at 10AM. I really like this character, he's funny looking in an adorable way and I love his little beard. It's a little strange having an adult character that behaves like a toddler (in terms of hearts dropping), but as he is now 1 year old, he's acting more like any other Tama adult. V2: Ted left, I assume, around the same time as Gem did (I was asleep when they went), and left me with his baby boy. I named this little fellow Jeb, and he's bouncing around happily on my desk right now. I have to say, the more I play them, the more and more I enjoy the games on the V2. I'm looking forward to Jeb and Agate being friends, and possibly marrying these two Tamas again in future generations. As with the V1, Jeb acted like more of a toddler until he hit one year, but he's just like any other adult now. I'm really glad that I finally have a chance to raise this character on not one, but TWO tamas, as I've never had one before. I'm planning on adding either my Eevee Tama or my Akai to my rotation once they arrive. I'm a little torn about the Akai- I want to keep it in perfect condition, but I want to take it out of the package and run it. I might order myself a case and modify it to fit the Akai.
  7. TamaLog #25 February 1, 2019 Well, my birthday was yesterday... and it was frigid. Luckily, I only had two classes and spent most of the day napping and playing with my Tamas. My Eevee Tama is in transit! Hoping to have that soon- although I have heard stories from people who got their Tamas stuck in customs for days. Keeping my fingers crossed. V1: It finally happened! Gem now has an adorable little baby boy. It's pretty cute, seeing her little old lady face next to her kid. This is my first time having an Oldie and a baby together, and I am really looking forward to seeing Oyajitchi. I'll miss Gem, but it's probably for the best- her hearts are starting to drop faster these days and it's been harder to keep up with her care without pausing her for long periods. V2: Ted evolved yesterday right as I was waking up from a nap. Of course, I connected him and Gem right away, and they got married! Now he's got his own little boy, and soon I'll have two Oyajitchis. It's fun to be able to see how different the babies look on the V1 and the V2- Ted's kid has little legs! I imagine I'll keep up with the name theme and find another more human name for Ted's kid.
  8. TamaLog #24 January 30, 2019 This is probably going to be a pretty short update. Nothing has changed since the last post. I am, however, sitting here and watching Ted (V2) with great intensity, as he just turned 10 and I am waiting for him to evolve. Unsure if the V2 evolves at age 10 like the V1 did. In other exciting news, my Eevee Tamagotchi finally shipped! According to the tracking, it is "In Transit", although the times of the updates are bit hard to figure out, as it is in Japan-time and therefore somewhere in the future. I was hoping for it to arrive by my birthday, which is tomorrow, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. V1: Gem is doing well! She's an adorable little old lady, waiting on her future husband to evolve. I'll be sad to see her go once she and Ted have a couple of little blobs. I am, however, also excited to see Oyajitchi on both of my Tamas. V2: Ted has evaded the Matchmaker for three days, and now I am intently waiting for him to grow old. He seems to be harder to care for now? Although it might just be that I have less time to focus solely on my Tamas with class and all. Hopefully, I will be able to come back here and make a special second post when he grows up and we have some babies! I am planning on adding the Eevee Tama to my roster when it arrives. So, advance warning: if you do not want to be spoiled for the Eevee Tama or see any details about it, I would recommend avoiding that portion of this Log. I will always put the Eevee Tama bit at the very bottom so that you can read the other Logs first.
  9. TamaLog #23 January 28, 2019 Well, quite a bit has been happening! I discontinued my Angel for my trip to my parent's place, but I intend to start it up again. I got the Good Care adult twice, despite my best efforts to neglect it, so it seems I'll be going with the "get the Good Care teen, and then ignore it totally for a few days" route. Hopefully, that works. I also received an email yesterday that my Eevee Tama has shipped! There still isn't any tracking information, but I imagine that's because it shipped out on a Sunday. Hoping for an update today! I'm super excited to get it and start it up. V1: Finally, Gem is an Old Timer! She evolved at the ripe old age of 10, sooner than I was expecting her to. I've had her on pause for a few days to focus on travel, Ted, and the Angel, but today I took her down from the wall and started her up again. She's currently asleep on my desk at work. I really can't remember the last time I had an Oldie- I think it was way back on my first Tamagotchi, when I didn't quite understand how the Matchmaker worked and I didn't have any other Tamas to pair mine with. She's adorable though- I love her wrinkly little face and her bun! V2: I've had Ted paused a lot due to travel and life in general, but today he is 8 years old. The Matchmaker has been stopping by, and I've been turning her away. Now that I'm back home I can hopefully keep him unpaused for a few more days, and finally marry him to Gem once he's an Old Timer, too! I'm looking forward to having two Oyajitchis- that's a character I've never had before. I suppose he's kind of like a secret character, because there's a special method to getting him. Angel: Currently, the Angel is at home on my table, batteries out. But in the most recent run, I somehow managed to mess up and get the Good Care adult again, even though I let the AP drop to zero. I think next time, I need to make sure it drops faster- probably by not pumping it up so much in the child stage. It seems REALLY easy to get the Good Care characters on the Angel- I left mine hungry for hours and never praised it. So it looks like the AP is the biggest factor. Ginjirotenshi eludes me yet again, and I'm a bit apprehensive now to try and get the bad care characters.
  10. TamaLog #22 January 24, 2019 Alright! I'm going to be going home for the weekend, so I probably won't be near a computer again until Sunday. So, I figured I would update you on how everything is going! V1: Gem is now 9 years old! I'm not sure if the Matchmaker will be coming again today (I think she comes for three days? So today is probably the last day), but I've been turning her down every time. She should be changing into Otokitchi in three or four more days, which I'm excited for. V2: Ted is doing well. He is six as of today, and I am getting the hang of at least one of the V2 games- Heading. I have to say, the buttons on my V2 work the best out of all of my Tamas. I am tempted to connect Ted and Gem again, but I am worried that they will end up having kids, as both are over 5 years and they have four hearts of friendship. I'll hold off until both of them are Old Timers. Angel: Second go around, and I am on the child stage. I've been lacking on my care a little bit, but I've managed to keep the hearts mostly full, and he hasn't had to call for attention. I read in a guide that to get the character I want, Ginjirotenshi, I need to get the "Good" teenager, and then drop the AP down to zero and neglect the heck out of it. I think if I manage to get Ginjirotenshi this time around, I'll start trying for the characters that can be obtained from the "bad" care teenager. The Eevee Tamagotchi is supposed to release tomorrow, and I am hoping my pre-order ships soon. I'm looking forward to starting it up and finally having two of my favorite things, Pokemon and Tamagotchi, in one beautiful package.
  11. TamaLog #21 January 23, 2019 Alright! Got a few little updates, but nothing major as of yet. V1: I've been fending off the Matchmaker since yesterday. Gem is 8 as of today, and according to my research, she should become an Oldie when she's around 12 years old. I've noticed that her Hearts seem to be draining a little bit faster than before- I'll probably have to pause her once she's an Old Timer to allow Ted to catch up. V2: Ted is 5 today! He's doing well. I'm still finding the games on the V2 to be a little annoying- I can never get Jump right, and in Heading the ball goes waaay too quickly. It seems like the growth cycle on the V2 is about the same as the V1, so I should be seeing an Old Timer when Ted is 12-13, I hope. Angel: Well, I started up my Angel a few days ago, and I ended up with the "Good Care" adult. Which is not what I wanted. So, I restarted it, and I am going to go for the same character I wanted last time, Ginjirotenshi. You really have to neglect this one if you want a "bad care" character. The Angel is already super low-maintence, which I love about it, so I imagine I'll have to ignore him completely.
  12. Thanks! I can give that a try- I'm a little hesitant to take apart the Plus Color, since I've never dismantled anything but the Connections and the 2018 re-releases. Is there anything I should look out for that you know of?
  13. TamaLog #20 January 22, 2019 We finally have some updates! I did shelve my Plus Color in favor of focusing more on my Connections, but I started up my Angel for another run! V1: Gem is 7, and yesterday the Matchmaker came by a few times. I turned her down all three, despite her bringing a very adorable Kutchipatchi by. I still want to make my first Gen on these Connections the oldies, since I've never actually had those characters, and since I am very much attached to my little Mametchi. My only concern is that I might not be able to keep Gem alive for as long as it will take Ted to turn into an Oldie as well- although I suppose I could always pause the V1 once she's evolved. Really looking forward to having some old timers. V2: Ted finally grew up! It took five Tama Years, but it happened, and he is now an adorable Violetchi/Furawatchi (I'm not sure which name it is, I've seen both). I was surprised to get this character, as I was going for Ginjirotchi and I know I had less than perfect care, but it seems Ted is a very forgiving fellow. I'll have to ramp up the neglect next time if I want to get all of the characters. I've gotten Ted to a four-heart status with Gem, and now I just need to be careful not to get them hitched before they evolve. Angel: This is my second time running my Angel, and I am still as enamored by it this time around. Once you get past the child stage it is VERY low maintenance, although I have only gotten the "good care" teenager character, so I can't say if the same is true for the "bad care" one. I'm trying to get the not-so-perfect care adult, the Angel Ginjirotchi, so I've been neglecting it quite a bit. Letting its Angel power drop and letting the hearts drain until it calls for attention. Hopefully that's enough- in my (limited) experience the Angel is pretty sturdy. I am still awaiting my Eevee Tamagotchi! I know they won't be released until January 26th, but I am hoping to get mine close to that date. I'll be starting that one up right away for sure.
  14. TamaLog #19 January 19, 2019 Hey everyone. Today has been a pretty slow day- my dog passed away this morning so I've mostly just been in bed. But I figured giving y'all an update on the electronic pets in my life would make me feel better. V1: Gem is a 5 year old Mametchi as of today. I've noticed that her hearts seem to be depleting a little bit faster- possibly because I have neglected her a bit for the last 24 hours. I also noticed today that there is a weird electric buzzing that I can hear when I hold the V1 up to my ear. It's about the same volume as the Tama Heartbeat (the little faint beeping that I hear on my V2), but it's different and there's also a static-like sound. I'm not sure if this is just how the Heartbeat on my V1 sounds or if there is something wrong with it. Hopefully not. I've been connecting Gem and Ted (V2) together quite a bit, and they seem to be getting along well. Hopefully when they are Oldies I can go for that secret character. V2: Ted is still an adorable little UFOtchi. He's 2 today, and if I keep him unpaused he should grow up in the next day or two. I'm looking forward to seeing what character he becomes- hoping for Ginjiotchi. He's so adorable! I have to say, the games on the V2 are a LOT harder than I remember. Heading is nearly impossible- the ball drops way too quickly. And jump is a bit annoying- I can't ever seem to hit the buttons fast enough. But I am greatly preferring the V2 to the V1, and I might even try to get a second at some point. Plus Color: I'm really considering putting this one on hold. Maybe opening it up and trying to clean the buttons. They've been super unresponsive during games, and while I do really enjoy this Tama, I kind of want to go back to one of my others. She's all grown up now, a little Marutchi, and she is super cute. If I do put her on hold, I'll probably start thinking about trying out another color Tama, maybe the ID or the IDL. I've heard great things about both. I'd also love to try the Ps, but finding one that won't break my bank is hard. I'm expecting my Eevee Tamagotchi in the mail hopefully by early February. I know it hasn't been released yet, but I did pre-order it. I'm also thinking about starting up either my Angel, or my P2. And I'm also thinking about maybe getting a P1 and giving that a go, maybe doing another custom job on it, and maybe doing a custom job on my V5. There's a lot that I want to do Tama-wise, but classes are starting soon so I'm going to have even less time. Oh well- this is my last semester of school ever, so hopefully once I'm all done with this, I'll be able to spend more time on my hobbies.
  15. Hey all! I have a Plus Color, and I've been noticing that sometimes, the buttons do not respond like they should. It's almost like there is a delay, usually during games (the one time I really need the buttons to work properly). I know how to take apart Connections and some other versions, but I'm in the dark when it comes to the Plus Color. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how best to take apart a Plus Color and clean the buttons? Thanks everyone!