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  1. I think I've found someone who can sell me a JIS screwdriver, it will arrive in a week or so. Crossing my fingers that I have ordered the right size
  2. Yeah I know that it is a very small screwdriver, but there's so many different sizes to choose from and I want the exact one so I don't break anymore screws I think I have Philips screwdriver kit not all sizes though, but one of them was the one that broke my other screw. I have heard about a name called JIS screwdriver. But I can't find anyone that sells it, I guess I have to keep looking. But thanks for the help and the information about the screws on the Tamagotchi!
  3. I'm only used to Tamagotchi Connection's so I don't really know all the other ones. But thanks anyways!
  4. I have some Tamagotchi Connection's. V3 and V4 for an example. And I was wondering what screwdriver I should use for them? Some screwdrivers that doesn't match with a certain screw can actually break it. It happened to me. 😕
  5. Love that it actually exists a community for Tamagotchi fans!

    1. Miau


      We have fun here! <3

    2. raichuu


      i was really surprised too when I joined!!!

    3. tamagotchirocks


      yah, its amazing because its such a nice way to preserve the tama culture!