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  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while hasn't it? Seriously, I can't believe the last time I was on this site I was 17 years old whew time sure flies by! I recently went back to my Tamagotchi M!x after watching a Tiktok lol so I figured I would start a new tamagotchi log here.! So! Let me introduce you to my Tamagotchi~ I'm hoping to later bring back my other Tamagotchis but I need batteries rip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Alice Type: Bellchi Stage: Baby Gender: Female Happiness: Cyan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apparently Alice wants to be a bit of a pain in the butt because as soon as she hatched she decided she would be depressed and wouldn't stop untill I gave her a bunch of sweets....and then after that proceeded to begin going to the bathroom every 5 seconds. Then before I knew it though she grew up into Bellchi! Admittedly I didn't take the best care of her cuz most of the time she was a baby I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to connect it to the M!x website (I eventually figured it out but apparently Bellchi cannot identify flowers for the life of her). Luckily I actually quite like Bellchi cuz she is pretty cute! Nice to have a reminder of the old Tamagotchi log I did like 4 years ago now. Anyway, sorry this log was rather short, I started Alice up fairly late so unfortunately she has decided it's time to sleep no but I'll try keep this updated as much as I can!
  2. Hello everyone! Woah my very first post on Tama Talk so lets make this thread count haha. Anyway, welcome to my Tamagotchi log! It's my first time doing something like this so lets just hope I can keep up to date with it. This will also be my first time taking care of three tamagotchi's at once (later four since I've ordered a m!x) so that should be a challenge in of itself Here's the tamagotchi's that will currently be logged Tama-Go Name: Alexa Age: 0 Gender: Female Stage: Toddler Type: Hoshitchi Training: 0 Friendship: 2 1/2 Music Star Name:Alex Age: 1 Gender: Male Stage: ToddlerType: Kuribotchi Music Style: Classical (Playing the violin) Stats: Tone - 54 Rhythm - 51 Original - 69 5.5 Celebrity Family: Blended Names: Adam, Alice and August Age: 1 Gender: Male, Female, Male Stage: Toddler Type: Mousetchi, Belltchi and Mattaritchi I started all my tamagotchi's up at the exact same time so at first it was a bit of a rush to get them all happy at once but finally after Alexa fittingly, was so sad all the time for a reason I honestly am not sure why as she came out of the egg like this??? Weird but maybe its just because I was trying to do all of my other Tamas at once that she was sad she wasn't getting the attention she wanted. After heaps of food and games later she was incredibly happy and for once was happy to bounce around by herself I've played on my Tama-Go before (Although that was a long time ago, when they first came out) but I had forgotten how cute the babies were when they come up to you! Well even if she grows up I'm happy that I'll be able to see another one again Alex on the other hand has been the quiet child ironically, he doesn't beep as much and is easy to fill up his hearts. I'm hoping he'll come out of his shell (pun intended) because i really want to do Pro Debut at one point since last time I kept getting failures rip. So I'm trying to boost all his points up as much as I can, despite having no idea what a good amount is. I also like his chosen instrument of a violin for his band (when he forms one) because I'm sure he'll be able to make really beautiful music with it. As a baby his genre of music he wanted to get into was Asian but as a toddler maybe has realised that a violin might be a better fit for the classical genre and has switched to that. Either way I'm sure he'll be fine And that brings us to the Lies Family, an extremely attention seeking family (All these tamagotchi's fit their theming perfectly? Apart from Alex I guess) who when I first activated them, did not stop beeping me while I was checking on the others even for the most little thing such as one of their hearts was empty....I had to mute this tamagotchi because of this so to the best of my knowledge they've at least calmed down a bit and as I'm typing this their hearts are full so all should be well for now (hopefully). I'm probably the worst with this one I've found in this one in terms of games since I can only seem to be able to play Tama Fans properly which for now I don't mind as much but man I should learn how to play the others. This family also tends to take a lot of naps together also for some reason which idk if it's because I'm away or not but half the time I look they're sleeping. But soon enough they evolved and I was actually quite happy with the results! I really love Hoshitchi because she's also just as cute and in the 5.5 I got bellchi as well so it's better I think that I didn't double up on tamas. The boys in the 5.5.....don't look as good as I would hoped but I suppose that doesn't matter much (And in a goofy way Mattaritchi actually does look quite cute) and as for my music star I really love Kuribotchi as well, he is super cute. Oh also on an unrelated note I made all my tamas play together! They played a piano game and uh Alex kept losing which is.....concerning. Still, I believe in him to achieve his dreams ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was going to add more pictures to this but it's not letting me add more than Alexa being so sad rip rip so hopefully I can get that sorted by next post (If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!) but I'll see you guys next time in my log
  3. Wow I am incredibly late but I'm interested! I only have one tamagotchi that I can activate while I wait for my m!x so I'm gonna have to use my Tama-Go (which i've been meaning to start up again lol)