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  1. Ah. That's true. I've never tried the Pokemon Go method you mentioned but I've heard of it before. It would be great if it worked!
  2. I have no interest in same sex marriage for my tamagotchi, either. If anything, I kind of enjoy the parameters set by the gender. Japan isn’t the west. They have a different set of rules and some things aren’t as important there as they maybe in other societies. No matter the current year, Japan is Japan. It’ll always march to the beat of a different drummer and the tamagotchi is a product of that. We should also remember that these toys aren’t made for western adults, but young Japanese girls. There’s no obligation for Bandai to do anything different from what they’ve already been doing, as it’s been successful for their target audience. While gender wasn’t a thing back in the day, the whole ‘marry them to get rare Tama genetics’ wasn’t a thing either (and I kinda miss the ‘weight’ category). Since new Tamas are hatched from eggs, I’d say they’re closer to animals. There’s also the words used for both genders/sexes. In the M!x, it says めす for girls and おす for boys. Both terms are identifiers for gender/sex but they’re exclusively used for animals. They only exist within the world of Tamagotchi and that means there isn’t a need to change anything about how they already function, since it’s not mimicking any particular values or beliefs of our society. Adding something like this could create problems in terms of what Bandai decides to include and what they don't. For example, if they were to include the same sex marriage function, something that would cater to a minority of their user base, what would happen if someone wanted to have their race represented? While they aren’t humans, there are characters like Santaclautchi who have a distinctly human appearance. Something like this could force Bandai to take a position on certain issues (i.e. morals and politics) that Japanese companies usually try to stay away from. I applaud those companies for remaining neutral as it causes less conflict. Not including something is different than speaking out against it and does not harm anyone or their feelings. The idea of ‘if you don’t like a feature, you don’t have to use it’ could also be applied in the reverse. If you want your tamagotchi to be able to marry the same gender/sex but that isn’t available, you don’t have to buy or use them. If the west is anything to go by, the option for same sex marriage won’t just be available, it’ll be advertised as the only worthwhile feature in that iteration. This could definitely alienate people who don’t agree with that lifestyle choice and it’s still a point of contention for many. Japan is a society that puts emphasis on the group, not the individual. I don’t usually care about stuff like this but I don’t think it’s right to compare apples to oranges. The U.S., as an example, and Japan should never be compared on stuff like this because they’re two completely different countries. Both have their own set of values, history, morals, politics and ways of operation. Just because one country does X doesn’t mean all other countries should follow along. Values and such are all subjective. If I were born in a different country, many things I believe would probably be different but that wouldn’t make my current values either right or wrong. If you want it fine, if you don’t fine. I just don’t think it’s fair to paint a company in a negative light because they don’t add a feature to a children’s game. Enjoy it for what it is. However, this is just my opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. The app was updated today and the "Present" section is now available but there's a problem. Looks like the app uses GPS to find items at "TamaSpots". So, as far as I can tell, this is made to work in Japan only. I've tried using a VPN like TunnelBear and change my location to Japan, which usually works for access to the Japanese Google Play Store on my android phone, but it doesn't work with the app. As far as I can tell, you don't have to have your Tama connected to the app to find items. I tried with and without my Meets being connected to the app and the message I got was "Couldn't find anything... Please choose a different place to explore or, try searching this area at a later time". If anyone gets it to work, please share lol
  4. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a great day!

  5. Unfortunately not. When you connect your M!x, it’ll give you a warning saying that your M!x will automatically disconnect after 5 minutes. You can walk around Meets Park with you M!x Tama and you can participate in the “Tamakyun Party”, the matchmaking party to get your Tama married. However, just like when you use a random Tama, the results don’t follow my Tama back to her room on my actual Tamagotchi, even tho I finally got a love match with Kuromametchi! Also, the entire time you’re playing, there will be a 5 minute countdown at the bottom of your screen. If you leave Meets Park after your 5 mins and try to enter again, you will either have to reconnect your M!x, which is a pain, or use a random. This may change when they complete the app but for now, that’s how it is. I’ll also say that the Challenge and Present mode aren’t available yet. Meaning that the M!x may not have much to do with the app now, like the Meets, but it may have better functionality later on.
  6. I tried that method and it still doesn't work on my Note 8. When I connect to my iPad, I don't have to hit the B button at all, it just begins to connect as long as both are in connect mode. Hitting the B button does produce a sound but nothing happens. My Tama will just return to her room and my phone will sit on the connection screen a while longer before tellinng me it couldn't complet the connection. As far as I can tell, both my phon and yours have the same Bluetooth antenna so I'm not sure why it won't work. I have a Lovelitchi, who's currently orange so I could unlock Gourmet Street XD
  7. I'm glad you got it to work on your Android! I guess some phones work and others don't DX Yeah. Hopefully there will be more to do in the app once they open the section called "Challenge" and "Present"!!
  8. I don’t think you have to worry about the connecting your Meets with bluetooth, you’re supposed to connect thru the app. I have a Galaxy Note 8 (android 8.0.0) and my Meets won’t connect to my phone either. When I tried with my iPad Pro, it worked just fine. I noticed that there was an extra confirmation screen on the iPad, when you try to connect, that didn’t appear on my Android phone so, maybe the app is the prob? I’m not too sure but it seems like the iOS app version connects normally.
  9. Still waiting for my Meets so, in the mean time I'm using my 20th Anniversary Gift Mix. Has anyone used a Mix with the Meets app? I was able to send my Tama but I noticed my name in the profile still said "guest user" even though my Tama was listed. Is this normal?
  10. When is everyone getting their Meets? Mine is supposed to be delivered today.
  11. Great! Here's the link:
  12. Hi, I'm new here. I have a download link but, I'm not sure if I can post links for downloads here...