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  1. It definitely isnt flame related, i feel like it is probably sun fading however, i dont remember keeping it in the sun? which is very interesting. This tama in particular has been in its box for i think 2 years now on my book shelf which is the furthest away from any window in my room, so it does not get sun light. But i do feel like that is the closest possible answer to the yellowing of the tama. Thank you so much by the way
  2. Hi, i recently decided to re visit my old Tamagotchi ID L due to like an overload of stress (Its my first tama in my current collection of 3) and found it extremely yellowed? I've tried the rubber/eraser method and baking soda scrub method but they havent worked at all (ignore the dent in my tama rip), im gonna buy creme developer soon enough but i still dont know what else to do? ive briefly looked over methods that require u to soak plastic in different solvents and stuff but i dont know how to take apart my tama and really dont want to stuff it up completely? i was just wondering what other methods i could try? my worry is that because its purple, if i try these methods it'll whiten my tamagotchi and get rid of the purple which is something i definitely dont want. Please help me