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  1. I did it many times, seem like memories still working. So it keeps reporting the same thing😣 leave batteries outside 3minutes or 3 days, couldn’t change the solution 😭
  2. I got this Tamagotchi 4u and already changed to English patch. After played with App..and added some games, bingo,accessori...then seem like after restart my Tamagotchi keep saying “please wait” and never turn to other page anymore! How I can setup everything (restart)everything from zero or how to reset as from factory (deleted all data) I tried to press all buttons ABC +reset(small button in behind), seem not work! please anyone can tell me what should I do. Jane
  3. I think I understand what you mean..but I don't think that I able to do it. Once I tried to open this 4 screws ..but I don't have any idea to do with this board. Maybe I'm better to send to a guy to fix it Thank you anyway
  4. I got this Tamagotchi for my son( 9 years old)..and he was so happy and played with it as well for 3 months. But last time after Tamagochi re-born again..and this egg never hatch! Just bouncing around from a day till a week!! Even I changed new batteries..tried to set up the date (birth day now)..still don't hatch out I guess the time is not running..that why tamagotchi never comes out This Tamagotchi for you have any mode or process to restart everythind from zero as come out from factory? I pressed ABC and reset and do everything couldn't I checked in guidebook..also didn't find any solution. Please anyone tell me what should I do? Jane