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  1. He FINALLY died, just short of being a month old. He died in his sleep I guess
  2. My Gude has been alive since Dec 5. My friend got hers the same day and it died a week or so ago. Mine's been alive for 3 weeks! I remember someone here said they couldn't keep him alive past 13 days. By that, I figured he would be dead by now. I'd like him to become a dish so I can get a different Gude already!!! Is this normal? He's not even well taken care of. I feed him but rarely ever play.
  3. This guy has been alive since Dec 5 and still tells me this. I'm 100% sure he says this when his happiness is empty because I can play or feed tomato and it vanishes. I never play so he always whines. I wish he'd die already
  4. My Gudetama is about 7 days old. Yesterday and today he is telling me he is tired. If I play with him, he stops saying this. Why does he say this? It makes me think he is near death or something. I have been abusing him by testing how much of the snack he can eat before he dies. (Which apparently is over 20 because I spam the button and feed him countless tomatos.)
  5. He fell asleep at 8 and woke up at 7 this morning
  6. I just got my Gudetama in the mail and I need to know when he sleeps, so I can augment the time to fit my schedule (I go to bed at 8pm and wake around 5am).
  7. These are already out. Gamestop updated the website yesterday and the Tama alone, and the case and Tama pack are available to order. I checked in 2 stores near me, and they have only the Tama. They don't have the case and Tama combo, so if you want that right now you have to order online. The stores vaguely told me to check back this weekend, but I didn't want to wait.
  8. Me and my friend are intrigued by the Qpet Qolor knock off, and I got a couple questions for anyone who has one. Luckily I found someone who has them for $10 with a coupon, so money won't be too wasted on it. 1- What is the battery life like? 2- If the batts die, is all progress lost or will it still be saved? 3- Can the screen light be toned down or turned off? Does the game ever switch off or have a screensaver, or is it always on? 4- What sort of compatibility does it have with another Qolor, since the goal is to play with my friend? 5- Would you recommend it? We really just want something to play together, and it looks like a decent substitute for getting something more expensive and that we'd have to mess with translating. I really don't mind knock offs so the fact that it isn't a real Tama doesn't bother us. I also want it now for the novelty and to see what other characters were jacked and planted in this, after I saw Patrick from Spongebob in it on a Youtube vid.
  9. Awesome thx for the info!! I looked up a couple vids of the Qpet Qolor and it looks like a decent cheapo knockoff we could amuse ourselves with.
  10. No idea where to post this so... Me and my friend are looking for tamas we can play together after we discovered that there's so much stuff that's been released in Japan, and we're thinking of the M!x. I don't know if I'm allowed to post links, so I'm going to do a screenshot instead. The reviews seem all right, and the screenshots of the toy show an english option. How valid is this? Should I give it a shot? My only issue is it's coming from China. Even if it is a knock off, I'd give it a chance based on the reviews.
  11. My thing is that I don't remember feeding it so many snacks that it should die from it. But that's the only way it could have gotten so fat since I didn't play the game to lessen the weight, right?
  12. All right, so I found out Tamagotchi was back in the states so I rushed and got one on Friday. I got a pretty little rainbow leopard print gen 2. Was super excited, treated my little one well and made sure his hearts were always full. Earlier today while I was out shopping, he died. I can't figure out why he might have died at 3 days, aside from 2 things- I read feeding too much of snack to make him happy instead of playing the game could kill it, or it might have been too fat. I did the first one a little bit, so I'm really doubtful that was the reason. As for the weight, It was 35 or so lbs. I saw on here on some other post that the max for a toddler should be 17 to 19. According to that chart, my toddler was over the max weight of an adult. Any insight as to why it died so soon?