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  1. I never thought you could get a chain of inspired v-pets! I mean the gigapets were inspired by tamagotchis (I think uwu) and the digapets were (probably) inspired by gigapets! Also I definitely prefer the packaging on the digapets! It looks so cool, not as good at the generic tamas thoooo
  2. I listen to twenty one pilots, I love their song Stressed Out! I highly recommend watching “High Rides” on YouTube, it’s a combination of High Hopes and Ride!
  3. This was not intended to sound dramatic by the way! I have been listening to Brendon for a while now, and honestly my life has been taken over. My happy goose heart is slowly turning into an Emo goose heart. Honk honk! Anyone else like me? Am I an only p!atd fan? (P!atd means panic at the disco btw)
  4. Hi peeps it’s me toadstool tree! I’m new (rip me)