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  1. The last time I messed with the batteries was a few days ago when they ran out and I had to change 'em, but even then my data was saved. Here's to hoping someone figures it out! I'd hate for this to happen to someone else.
  2. Well, I joined the forum because I have one of the new Meets and was excited to talk about it, but just a few minutes ago something strange happened! I was on my 3rd generation of tamas, which happened to be a set of twin girls. They reached the adult stage earlier in the day, but a few minutes ago (around 9:45 PM) I noticed the device was asking me to input the date and time again. Turns out, it just reset on me. I'm not terribly upset about the loss of my girls, but I would like to know if any other meets owners have experienced this. Also, is there any other adult a first generation baby can evolve into aside from mametchi? The little mametchi ears persisted through three generations, and I'd like to see if any other traits would do that!