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  1. Bold of you to assume you’re the winner
  2. Well... I tried. I was on mobile (JS Paint) so it’s not very good, I couldn’t get the text either.
  3. I’m glad you’re testing my breeding theory, hope it all goes well Just a suggestion/tip, if the resulting child is a girl when you’re planning to marry a Lovelitchi again, you could either 1. Marry another, similar tama 2. Marry with someone on the app with lovelitchi genes, if you can download it Hope these tips can help somehow, good luck
  4. Just a question- I’ve heard of both the Qpet and the Qpet Qolor, but are they the same pet, just under a different name?
  5. kusatchi is Good and I don’t like how she isn’t used in current tama media (tamedia?)
  6. Sorry gamers but I’m the last post now 😔👊