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  1. Ah! I apologize for not updating. I was busy. Anyway, Hanbunkotchi became a Mametchi, as expected. I married him to Violetchi and they had two twin girls- who I named Endotchi and Ninjintchi (pea and carrot) for their colors. It got interesting when they evolved- Endotchi turned yellow and Ninjintchi turned purple! Their names weren’t as fitting anymore. The same happened in the teen stage, except they traded colors! But when they evolved into adults, they regained their original colors of green and orange. I had Endotchi marry Nanizatchi and they had a little boy. He looks like a pea, except I already named his mother after one. So he gets the name Midoritchi. An hour later, he evolved into Hoshipontchi, and again changed colors- this time into a dark blue. Midoritchi also gained his mother’s mame ears. I have a feeling I’ll see those a lot. I unlocked Magic Land an hour before he fell asleep. I’ll check on him in the morning. I'm not trying to raise relationship levels with any tamas, since I’ll marry him off in the app. I’m hoping to get some Fantasy or Sanrio genes.
  2. I haven’t played many kirby games (only Kirby’s Adventure, Epic Yarn, and Super Star) but ESP Kirby is pretty cool too
  3. (This is the log for last night.) Hoshipontchi’s Tama Pet went on to its 2nd generation without him! It ended up becoming a Chitchi with Harapparatchi’s face. He also went on stage with Neenetchi a few times, he seemed to like it. I had Hoshipontchi go to Food Town a few times, unlocking Tama Farm. I’ve now met all the tamas I can for the first generation. Violetchi didn’t show up often for some reason. It was always either Youmotchi or Watawatatchi. Speaking of, she has full hearts in the tama list. So is Violetchi, but it took longer for her. Finally, he became a Hanbunkotchi! I think he looks even cuter. I’m trying to go for Mametchi this first generation, which shouldn’t be too difficult. That ends this log entry, tonight I’ll write some more. I suspect he’ll evolve later this evening.
  4. I’d like to see some kind of shop feature where you could buy foods, items, and accessories exclusive to the app and transfer them to the device itself. Maybe they could rotate them out per month, too.
  5. Unoriginal title aside, today I got my ON Magic Purple in the mail! I was surprised at how big the box was, and the tama’s size as well. (Then again, I’ve never seen a color tama in person...) I started it up, and got a Shizukutchi. It was a typical baby stage, and one that I didn’t get many pictures of. An hour later, he evolved into what I expected: Hoshipontchi! He’s super cute. I transferred over a few items from the app, including several banana shakes. I had Hoshipontchi try out the solar car. It went well- until it crashed off screen! I like how he doesn’t sit in the car, but levitates over it. For the rest of the day, I tried to unlock Food Town (Gourmet Street), but his hunger just wouldn’t go down. He had fun at the park and in the pool, though. I bought a flying disc from the shop, set it outside, and an hour or so later Harapparatchi appeared. The blue color looks nice on him, and Hoshipontchi loves his new pet. The day passed, and nothing much else happened. But, he had eaten his fifth rice omelet- just enough to trigger unlocking Food Town! One step closer to the Tama Farm and meeting his future wife, Violetchi. Unfortunately, it was right when he had fallen asleep! Oh well. We’ll try again tomorrow and see how it goes.