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  1. Happy new year! <33

  2. One week till Christmas uwu

  3. idk what i did wrong >

  4. okay so I tried to post an image and for some reason it's not loading and there's four of them

    idk how to delete things-

  5. Okay so like two hours ago I put batteries in one of my Music Stars and within about 30 min it evolved
    then just 10 min ago one of my V4s evolved

    what freaked me out is I was in deep thought each time and it scared the heck out of me--

  6. Never play an online game without your Tamas on pause. You will most definitely lose the battle and your friends will be disappointed in you xD

    1. rainbowkiwibird


      Haha, what game were you playing? Oh, and welcome to TamaTalk! :D

    2. Jel0e


      I was playing Splatoon 2-

      Tysm 😄