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  1. A bit ago I got a Furby Boom (triangle design). I had a device that I NEVER update, so of course I had to download the app. It was going well until the second day, when I introduced my Furby Boom (May-doo) with my 2012 Furby. Apparently, both can connect to the Furby Boom app, which I thought was cool. I fed them for a while, until I noticed that the furbling on the app had empty stats. I filled the stats until I got to the games. I decided to play the dancing game. When I started the game, both furbies were dancing, as usual. I then get to the part where the Furby Boom has to be turned upside down, and I followed the instructions. A second after I turn it upside down, May-doo started making this loud buzzing sound, while still dancing. I bring the other Furby and my device to the other room, where I look up Furby glitches. When i walk back into the room, May-doo isn’t only making a buzzing noise. Imagine every Furby Boom personality’s voice lines. Now imagine all of those phrases merged into a minute long cry of agony. May-doo was screaming that as loud as possible. Physically, May-doo didn’t show any sign of damage, she was just standing there. A minute later, when the screaming stopped,she fell asleep along with my other Furby. Does anyone know why that happened?