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  1. I kinda wanna change my profile picture, but I also think Sollux is kind of iconic for me on here so, who knows?

  2. Just ordered the Digimon re-release, it says it'll be here by August 5th!

    I'm so excited, I might even make a blind Tamalog on it! :D 

  3. Most Tamagotchi are solid, and the ones ive played are all super fun! but there has to be at least one in your collection that isnt a favorable choice when you're trying to decide what to run. For me it has to be the Connection V3. While I like all the evolution of Tamas, and im a sucker for the whole connection gimmick, the games it has are so time consuming. "Get ♪" is SO time consuming and takes a lot of focus, especially since its so slow. The next game you unlock after that, "Bump" I cant for the life of me figure out and I always seem to lose! So because of that I never find myself running it because how much I dislike the games. What about you guys?
  4. I'm excited for that Mother3 translation that's totally going to be reveled at E3 next year! My uncle works at Nintendo and he said so guys, trust me!
  5. I'm a little older than you were when you started playing Tamagotchi (I'm going into my senior year of high school next month for reference) and although i've only been exposed to them for a short time (Xmas 2018) I can say they've impacted my life a LOT. It started off with me getting a re-release of the P1, then using my Xmas money to get two P2's, then I used my job money to get several Connections and a Friends, and soon an ON and even a Digimon re-release! I would run them at different times and see which Tamas I would get since I would go into them blind. but in March/April I got bored, and stored them all in my desk and didn't really think about them. That is until Summer, when I realized I had ALL the time in the world to look after them! My favorite part about them is being my own pet! While yes, I own 2 dogs whom I love oh so very much, Tamagotchis require a LOT less attention and they can evolve into a lot of cool and unique things! I always found it fun to share my Tamagotchi experiences with friends and show them what rad things they turned into. But they've also helped me through some tough times, and seeing my little guys thrive and be happy in turn makes me happy! I know this was mostly just me rambling as to why I like Tamagotchi, but they mean the world to me. Even if I have phases where I don't play with them for a month or two, they will always be a major part of me and who I am.
  6. I can't believe its already almost August, it feels like I just got on Summer break yesterday!