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  1. Hello! So I just found out that they're rereleasing the original Digimon V-Pet, and looking at how I got into Tamagotchi (The rerelease of the P1/P2 last year) I'm really excited and im getting it ASAP! But what about you guys? Do you have any plans to get it? And if so, will this be your first Digimon V-Pet? Because it'll be my first! (Also sorry to mods if this is in the wrong section, I couldnt find a Digimon section so I thought it'd fit under Tamagotchi Ancestors )
  2. I know nothing about Tamas past the Connects due to importing them being so pricey. But i'm totally down to pay the $60 (I think it was $60?) to support the English release and to show them I care! I'm not sure which one im gonna get since like I said, I know nothing about Tamas past the Connects, but ill probably get a Magic Green due to it being one of my favorite colors, and because I dont know the differences lol
  3. Kinda late, but im so glad summer is here! Its the perfect time to run my Tamas! :D 

  4. Hello, currently im running a P1 and P2 and the screens have some dirt and smudges on them, I usually just wipe them down with my glasses cloth which works. But I want to know if theres a more efficient/better way to clean them, I want these things to be in the best condition they can be! So if anyone has any tips, it'd be very useful, thank you!!!!
  5. I thought it was gonna snow tonight but it didn't 😕

    Should probably go to sleep so I don't miss out on the precious sleep i'll need for school... Nah who am I kidding, I know full well i'm gonna stay up till around midnight, if not later xD


    1. Nazotchi25


      I'm not sure if snow is common where you're from, but I can say that I would be happy for you to take all the snow we've gotten here. Too much shoveling 😛

  6. Hey, long time no see! Sorry I haven't posted any updates, life came by and hit me square in the face, so i'm sorry for that guys In other news, for the small bit I HAVE been able to play, my Tamagotchi evolved! Big! evolved into Megatchi, and Small evolved into Tarakotchi. They're both Tama's you get when you don't take good care of them as babies, so uhm, I think that shows how little I was able to play with them in the past month. I'll try to give you all regular updates from here on out. See you guys next time!
  7. I've been playing through Mother 1 & 3, not 2 though lol. And a few misc games on steam with friends like TF2, SCP, Town of Salem, and Ultimate Chicken Horse.
  8. We might get snow here on Saturday!!! I'm super excited!! (Mostly because it'll mean no will want to get out and go to Texas Roadhouse, making my job easier and letting me hang out with my co-workers hehehe.)

  9. Sorry I havent updated, I've been busy and left my Tama's paused. Id rather leave them safe in stasis instead of trying my best but failing to take care of them. But in some good news, I got Big! and Small to connect! They obviously arent ready to mate yet, but I thought it'd be cool to introduce them! Jeff and Puck are also doing fine, Puck (Zuccitchi) Wasnt able to evolve into Zatchi, which is sad, but thats because of me trying to take care of it when I didnt have time, but I desperately wanted him (Which is also why I decided to keep my other Tamas in Stasis). Tomorrow I don't think I have much going on at school, so ill bring along Jeff, Puck, and Small, and leave Big! at home paused, hopefully Small can catch up to Big! in age lol. Well, if anything happens ill let you guys know, see you later!
  10. Ok yeah, I might do that. Ill make another reply if it still isnt working, but hopefully this works. Thanks!
  11. I've done that and it still doesnt seem to work. Maybe I need to wait for them to both become adults? Because they are only teenagers right now.
  12. I bought a V1 when I meant to buy a V2 on accident, and i'm fine with owning up to it and keeping the V1, but Can it connect to my V3? When I try to connect them it just takes me back out to the Tamagotchi screen. I don't know if this is because they arent compatible, or if because they arent old enough to connect yet. I hope its the latter.
  13. Hello everyone! I got some news! Small finally evolved! I really like the way she looks. Even though this is the evolution you get from taking bad care of your Tama, I still really like her! As for my other Tamagotchi's, I've had them paused because ive been spending a lot of time with friends and id rather have them paused since im very forgetful, especially with friends. And since its the weekend and I have work im going to keep them paused then too. But, Monday I dont have school, so ill unpause all of them and hopefully stuff will happen! Well, see you guys Monday! (Hey, quick question: Can the V1 connect to the V3? I keep trying and it just takes be back to the Tamagotchi screen. I really hope they can connect. )
  14. Quick and kind of major update: Last night I thought I paused Small (So it turns out it was a V1 and V2, I hope it can still connect to my V3) since I told myself I wasnt going to bring her today to school. But when I checked her just now she wasn't paused even though I REMEMBER pausing her before bed last night. She has zero hearts, seven poops are on the screen, is sick, and shes sleeping. I'll still run her even if she wont turn out to be a "good" Tama. I dont have any pictures since I just wanted to post this as fast as possible. Just thought i'd let you guys know, ill post a more major update about all of my Tamas tomorrow. See you then and lets all hope something like this never happens again.
  15. Hello, its me again! Not much has happened, but I did get my V2 in the mail today and ive been playing with it! She's a female and I decided to name her Small, kind of like a counterpart to Big! in my V3! I hope when they grow older, they can connect and breed, then I can name their kid Medium (hehe). And speaking of Big! not much has happened with him today, I brought him (Along with Jeff and Puck) to school and they all behaved in my bag as I checked them every so often. Well, I think thats all for this update, see you soon!