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  1. Alright cool, just wanted to make sure I didn't get duped since im used to all these new ones! I guess I'm spoiled! Thank you guys so much!!
  2. Alright, here it is; the long awaited video! Sorry about the crappy quality its the best I'm able to do. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. I cant right now since its asleep, but I can try to get a video tomorrow when its awake!
  4. I don't sadly. The oldest model I have other than this Angelgotchi is a Connection V1, which is completely different. If older models running slower than the remakes do is normal, then I wont pay it any mind. I've already gotten used to it honestly, I just wanted to make sure it was an internal problem or anything, ya feel me?
  5. I finally got batteries for my Japanese Angelgotchi, Im super excited! :D

  6. So I got my Angelgotchi a few days ago, and only just now got batteries for it. I'm using 327 batteries. It works, but its very slow compared to the ones I have. (The closest thing is the remake of the P1/P2 they made last year) If it helps this is a Japanese version, not an English version. Thank you!
  7. Oh thank god. The icons really threw me off and I was scared that I had bought a fake and that there was nothing I could do about it. Thank you so much!!!!
  8. Been playing a lot of Pokemon Crystal lately, so thats pretty dope

  9. So I bought a Japanese Tamagotchi Angel earlier and thought it was legit, I used Project Tamashell and the shell checked out, or so I thought. Since I bought it, ill post the pictures directly instead of linking to the item. So, the icons look like the P1/P2 icons, but after googling it, the Angel should have different looking icons and im stumped. Any help would be appreciated!!!!
  10. I finally got the Digimon v-pet, its so cool so far, this is my first time with one and im LOVING it!!!! :D

  11. I kinda wanna change my profile picture, but I also think Sollux is kind of iconic for me on here so, who knows?