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    Oklahoma, U.S.A.
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    Homestuck, Computers/Cybersecurity, Pokemon, Phantasy Star, Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier, MS Gundam, loads of manga series, Mother, Earthbound, Warrior Cats, and loads more!

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    P1 and P2, Angelgotchi, the Morino, Connection V1, V3, and a V4.5, a Friends, an american Digimon 20th anniversary V-pet, and a Fairy Tamagotchi On!
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    Morino and Digimon 20th
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    Kabutotchi, Zatchi, Bill, and Pizalinatchi!!
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    Morino Tamagotchi

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Hey there! I'm a recent High school graduate who likes things like comics, games, tv shows, and other nerdy things!

Feel free to message me on Discord at: Scrungo#6316