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  1. I'm looking forward to this, it's an interesting concept and I love the idea of being able to have a photo-shoot with my own character. AR camera definitely is an eye catcher. We'll see how it goes though, me personally I'll remain positive and hope it's fun. Due to the high price mark I think I'll probably settle with a single device, instead of purchasing a pair. Purple is my favorite so far but the design is subject to change until release.
  2. Can't go wrong with choosing pink or solid white Devilgotchi. I love the characters so much. It used to include both Milky iDs and Touch Detective Tama Deco Pierce, but I was able to obtain all that last year!
  3. Thank you for these logs, I look forward to each entry! It's interesting to gain insight on Magical Witch gameplay, I wonder if I'll ever end up owning one due to the ridiculous listing prices nowadays.
  4. The day they re-release devilgotchi i'll do multiple backflips yes, that'll be the day..
  5. A while back I attached a my melody lollipop charm to my sweets meets in order to match the theme!
  6. Ahhhh, it looks so cute and they added Kuromi. Definitely setting my eyes on this. Thank you for the share.
  7. Haven't played Fire Emblem games since the GBA so I'm pretty behind. I'll say I'm the most excited about Death Stranding. From the latest Nintendo Direct, Astral Chain caught my attention the most.
  8. Considering purple Meets Pastel for Easter Land. It's so adorable.
  9. Anybody getting the Pastel Meets? Personally I'm not sure if it's worth it..

    1. Jhud


      Might be worth it if it fixes the game-breaking bugs of the Meets.

    2. Vexia


      So far I don't plan to

  10. It's a bit embarrassing to expose this but it's difficult for me to dedicate myself towards collecting one category of products so instead I've been gathering all sorts of misc. stuff over the years. My primary focus right now is stuffed animals, I love them. They're my friends. I attached a quick, small glimpse of my collection here: I can't decide whether I should get a giant Loch Ness monster or another bunnie for my next stuffed animal addition! I'm crossing my fingers that sometime in the near future I'll be able to collect old tech from the 80's or just vintage electronics as they tend to run for a high price and at my age I don't have much room to spend money on those items even though I admire the appearance/functionality immensely. I'm a sucker for bulky devices. Anyways, I'm glad for the existence of this thread. Thank you for making me feel less alone with my collecting habits and inspired to continue. Observing the hobbies/passions of others makes me happy.
  11. I'm going to try Professor Layton out at some point since I never got the chance to play a game from the series yet, starting off with Curious Village probably to see if I enjoy it overall. As for what I'm playing or at least planning to, RE2 Remake is getting released later this month and Radiata Stories is next on my bucket list.
  12. Ah, I know about JapanYouWant but I wasn't aware that they sold especially older merch for a cheaper price tag. Neither did I know this particular version had stripped screws issues, pretty interesting. Thank you for bringing this up though, I'll check the website more often now from time to time. It's cool to know how prices vary depending on which region you live, those are some great deals. Definitely worth taking advantage of.
  13. Hey everyone, I wanted to ask if there's any tips on how to obtain rare and otherwise expensive Tamagotchis for a more economical price? A notorious series that tends to be pricey is Devilgotchi. I've been wanting to get myself one for a long time but I hesitate because of how high the listing prices go. Since its original release date on September 1998 the price has skyrocketed, it was under 2500 yen. But in general, I'd like to see if there are any alternative websites away from the usual domains or ways to prevent spending so much money for a single product. I know that being a collector means sacrificing a bit more currency for the sake of receiving a grail you've had your eyes on for a while. I don't know if this particular question or request for advice has been posted before. I will appreciate any suggestions, thank you very much.