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  1. This is my absolute first topic on tamatalk so please excuse me if i am posting this in the wrong place ;; I had bought a tamagotchi meets, which came in the mail almost two weeks ago! It's my first japanese tamagotchi, as before that i've only ever owned the old school ones. I absolutely love my meets so far + A+ unfortunately when i woke up this morning (which would be the 12 day mark since i've been playing with my new tama) the background wallpaper (starry night) had seemed to be browned- out? soon after this discovery a different alert showed up on my tamagotchi, "てんちをかえてね!!" specifically, which i'm assuming is the "change your battery" screen. Is this normal? I had given my tama 100% brand new batteries when I got it, is it supposed to run out so soon? It had been working perfectly before that.. ;; update: after changing batteries the starry night wallpaper was still browned out? it seemed to stop being browned out once i went to the store and used a different wallpaper. is there any reason for that to happen or....?