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  1. That is very interesting! I have been looking at the P's as well and folks seem to enjoy that one quite a bit. Thanks for the chart; it's very useful, I'll continue my research from here! It's very exciting!
  2. Hey there! I adore digital pets but I've only ever dabbled with the Digimon line and the V1 Tama back when I was a kid. I've been doing some research for quite some time now as I am hoping to pick up a color Tama next month. I was banking on picking up a M!x but I noticed the new Meet Tama were released quite recently. I do plan on getting both eventually but I was wondering how everyone is liking the Meet versus the M!x? Or perhaps there is another color Tama you guys enjoy more? There are so many versions it's making my head spin but I'd like to know what everyone likes or what would be a good first when it comes to getting the most content. Thanks!
  3. Hey there! I go by Spiral and I've been lurking here on and off for quite awhile now; finally decided to open up an account. My main focus is on the Digimon pets but I'm looking forward to trying out one of the newer color screen Tamagotchi's next month! I'm currently running the Dukemon and Beelzemon 20th Anniversary Pendulums side by side and seeing how that goes! They are in Baby II stage at the moment but should likely evolve to their Rookie forms soo- okay right when I typed this they evolved! I ended up with Tentomon and Gomamon! When your first eggs reach Rookie stage you get to choose another egg. These guys are in their Baby II forms: Peti Meramon and Pyocomon! That's all for day one!
  4. Hello hello! I got my Beelzemon and Dukemon 20th Anniversary Pendulums in the mail very recently! I have another set coming in possibly tomorrow due to a pre ordering mishap lol... I have the full set of the 20th Anniversary Vpet series now including the regular non pendulum versions!