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  1. Thanks! Yeah, I hadn't been sure what would happen when I requested a new tama since I had never bought from them before. Luckily, things worked out.
  2. Hi everyone. Just an update: JapanYouWant have sent a replacement tamagotchi meets for free and have been very helpful. I did not even have to pay customs this time. They sent it by express post. I have just opened and started it up now. I have already noticed how much quicker it started up - it is a good sign that it is a better, functioning tamagotchi. Very excited to start using it more!
  3. Thank you for this. Definitely agree about the lack of customer service outside Japan - Tama talk is a lifesaver! My teen has been a teenager for a few days now so maybe that is also being buggy, as you say. I was wondering why it hadn't turned into an adult yet. It is a shame as these Meets are very expensive to buy but hopefully it will work better in the future. I will try not using the day care function for a while and see what happens. Thanks again.
  4. Hi. I have just joined this Tama talk community. I have just bought a Tamagotchi Meets and it arrived a few days ago. Before this, I have had loads of the original tamagotchis (I grew up with them) and I have a tamagotchi m!x. For some reason, my tamagotchi meets keeps switching off if I don't use it from 9am-5pm. I have been putting the Tamagotchi in daycare when I go to work but I have to open the back cover to make the Tamagotchi turn on again. It only seems to happen on weekdays - bizarre, I know. Has this happened to anyone else? I bought my Meets from Japanyouwant. None of my other Tamagotchis have ever done this. Any help would be much appreciated.