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  1. I would also like there to be guides with accurate information on all these topics, but I have not found
  2. If you still need the growth chart of v2, this I use:
  3. Hello, I have a tamagotchi connection v1 and a p1, and I would like to know when exactly a tamagotchi dies... After a certain number of care failures or maybe after a specific time being with zero hearts??? Someone knows ???
  4. Thank you! Other images that I found from the movie:
  5. What size are the tamagotchi? I mean the characters, not the gadget. Out of curiosity
  6. I am the owner since it was new, it's quite ill-treated, when i was a child it took little care of him. I never put it in debug mode, and I don't think it's in that mode since everything works normally (except the matchmaker)
  7. Thanks for answering I'll wait for her to visit me again, if she brings nazotchi again I guess it's a glitch
  8. I'm not an expert, but if they can not have babies, look like a glitch. And I think that intellectual or emotional care does not affect to obtain masktchi (it only affects to obtain Tarakotchi, Hanatchi and Androtchi)
  9. Hello, I have a tamagotchi connection v1 and I started playing a couple of weeks ago. So far the matchmaker has visited me 4 times, but always brings the same tamagotchi (Nazotchi). It is normal ???