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  1. Still playing Pokémon UltraMoon. I just won against the ghost Totem-Pokémon; nothing much this time too, but at least it wasn't an easy fight. I had to use lot of Superpotions! Now, I have to go to Poh city to save Yungoos from the Team Skull. My actual team is: Decidueye (M) Lv.43 Mawile (F) Lv.41 Mantyke (M) Lv.41 Charjabug (M) Lv.40 I also played a little Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, and I finally finished it: now I have every part of the gold-kart. It's just awesome to use Gold Mario on it! Today I lent the game to one of my friend, and she gave me Mario Kart 7 instead: I'm actually playing it, and it's quite cool.
  2. Hey. I'm back.
    I had very busy days lately, but now it's everything all right. I'm actually running my Ocean; man, it is very demanding, but also fun. I made 3 Tamas die already lol.
    Tomorrow I'll post lot of photos and things on my blog.


  3. 17 February, Sunday So Rin became an adult, finally. As I expected, she doesn't became like her grandmother, 'cause I missed some calls; but she is now one of the most adorable characters of the V3, a Memetchi! It's just such a cute character. I even think the name "Rin" now suit her better than before. Anyway, her training reached the middle of the bar, but that's fine. Here she's having fun with some items: tomorrow, I'll try to post more photos, if my connection will work (not bad as today, at least). I'm really happy to have a Memetchi, I must say. Now, Rin is 5 yrs old, so she's going to stay with me for many days. Well, that's all for today (maybe I should change this phrase...). Bye!
  4. 14 February, Thursday Rin becomes a teen two days ago: she's now a Young Mametchi, exactly like her grandmother. I just don't want her to became the exactly adult she was, that would be quite annoying. She isn't really educated (4 point), and I think I missed some calls, but she's fine enough. Now she's only 2 yrs old (she should become 3 this evening), so I'll have to take care of her for more than a week, probably. I like Younh Mametchi, as a character, but I had it just two generations ago, so I'm not really surprised by it; I'm playing with Rin even less than with Mario when I was really busy. Oh, I also noticed that today, maybe 'cause it's the 14th of february, there's always heart-shaped chocolate in the Shop... that's a nice detail for the ones who are really romantic (but I'm not, so nevermind). By the way, talking of serious business! Despite all the troubles with the shipment and the Italian post (wich are really the worst), my Ocean is finally here! It is in the package, 'cause I think I'll open it when I'll put down the V3, but I love it. I took some photos (with that HORRIBLE light of these days, I'm sorry); here they are. It is shaped in a different way than a Connection, but I honestly prefer it! It seems more like "pocket-size". And here's the photo of the collection right now! I think I'm ok with that, for now. I mean, I have a V3, a Friends and an Ocean, wich are really different and nice to run, so I don't think I'll buy new Tamagotchi for a loooong time. Now, I'll just run the actual one for one or two weeks, maybe 'til the end of the 6th generation. Then, I'll play one of the other two. Well, that's all for today too. Bye guys!
  5. 10 February, Sunday Even if I missed Mario when he left, I was happy to start a new generation (the 5th!) this morning. Rin, as a baby, was really cute. I just love Teletchi and Shiroteletchi, I think they're the best type of baby-tama. I take care of her as much as I've done with Mario, when he was a baby, and I used some items she really enjoyed. She even went to sleep with her toy! So cute. After an hour, Rin became a child. Well, I actually like every character, but that's, like, the third same child I get. Even Mario's mother was like this, as a child. Well, no big deal, after all. Tomorrow, she'll became a teen, probably during the night 'cause I'll go to a school trip, so I'll Pause my V3 until the evening (and I paused it today too, 'cause I had lot of stuff to do). That's all for today too; I'm sorry if, lately, my post are short and not very interesting, but it's just a period. Bye!
  6. 9 February, Saturday Yesterday evening I Paused Mario one last time, so I played with him and his daughter today too. I took some photos, even if those aren't very nice. The light is just terrible lately, I'm sorry (I used the Europe Ticket too, but sadly there wasn't any particoular animation, just an airplane and a special code for TamaTown inside a gift box). Curious how Mario is still 9 yrs old. I wanted him to become 10, but nevermind, I just think I'll let him go this night; tomorrow I'll start to take care of the little Rin. I have to say that Mario is probably one of the Tama I became attached the most. He surprised me, as an adult, and he was a funny guy; I think I'll miss him. Well, that's all for today. Still waiting for my Tamagotchi Ocean to arrive; but at this point, I think I'll start it on my birthday, during the next month. Maybe, after one or two more generations on the V3, I'll run the Tamagotchi Friends, just to try something different.
  7. 8 February, Friday Nothing much happened in the lasy days too- I was too busy to stay on my Tama even a little. Wednesday, I brought the V3 with me while I was doing some test in an hospital (I spent 10 hours there...), so because I was a little bored I let Mario marry the first character the Matchmaker presented at 7pm: after the fireworks, a cute Shirotheletchi has shown! She's really adorable, and Mario started to take care of her as soon as she was born. The animation of feeding while you have the parent and the children is cute as well. After that, they both went to sleep at 9pm, when I finally came out to the hospital. Yesterday was going to be the last day with Mario, but I was really busy, so I did not take care of Mario and her daughter (I think I'll call her Rin), so they went to sleep with empty hearts of Hungry and just one of Happy, while one poo was near their beds; when I saw that, I felt bad for them both. I decided to Pause the Tamagotchi, because I wanted Mario to stay with me a little more. I mistreaded him so much lately, poor guy. Today, I unpaused him at 4pm, more or less. I immediately removed the poo, then I fed them and I played with Mario a little, until his weight returned to the standard one (30lb). He is now walking with the little Rin, waiting to become 10, but I don't know if I'll let him go tonight. Maybe I'll Pause it again, just to stay with him a little more. I have to use the Europe ticket too, as I said. Well, that's all for today. Let's pray for tomorrow to be a better day than the last ones!
  8. Nevermind guys, I'm out. It's a busy period for me, so I can't stay really focused on Tamagotchis and I don't like the idea to start my Friends just one week before my Ocean is going to arrive (I only run one Tama at time). And it isn't a Friends with a Valentines-day related pattern (it's blue, as I said), so nah. Good hatching to y'all!
  9. @TamaPapa Thank you for reading this Log! Also, these days nothing really interesting on my V3 happened, even 'cause I was really busy with other things. In fact, I don't have new photos, sorry. I'll take some during the next days. 5 February, Tuesday As I said, today (as yesterday) nothing much happened. I admit, I'm taking less care of Mario than when he was younger, but that's just because I have many stuff to do and really not much time to spend on my Tama. He became 7 yrs old, and the Matchmaker has came today, just one time, but I refused to let Mario marry a strange character named Sekirotchi, or something like that... I mean, that thing should be a girl...? Nah. I bought a Ticket for him, I think I'll use it after the marriage. I think it's a Ticket for Europe, as there's a euro-shaped symbol on it (€). Mario went to sleep at 9 pm, as always, but today with just one heart of Hungry and one of Happines... tomorrow morning I'll take better care of him (tomorrow I'm not going to school for personal reasons too, so there will be no need to Pause it). Well, that's all for today. Bye!
  10. 3 February, Sunday Hello there! How do you spent your Sunday? Today was a sunny day, here, but I wanted to build a snowman outside before the snow melt. Honestly, I built a nice guy! I even used a real carrot for its noise and two tangerines as it eyes. *coff coff* By the way. Today, I used the Nyatchi Costume on Mario: he is, like, super cute! (Ew, the quality is really low...) He's as cute as Mimitchi, I must say. It is strange to think that, inside that costume, there's my little monster, but nevermind! I tried lot of items and games, 'cause I love how there are different animations even for this special character. The V3 is just great. Mario became 5 yrs old yesterday night, and now I'm waiting for him to become 6. I paused him many times, so he is growing slowly, but I don't mind at all. I just don't want my characters to leave me so fast; the matchmaker will come soon too. I'm not 100% sure to let Mario marry someone, but I just think I'll let it go. Then I think I'll take a break, Pause the V3 and start to use my Friends for a Group Hatching, starting from Valentines day. I used my Friends last time in 2014, I guess, when I bought it in a toy's store (I tought it was a miracle 'cause I never saw Tamagotchis in store!). Well, that's all for today. Bye!
  11. Hmm, this will be my first Group Hatching. I don't have many Tamas, and surely not a Valentines day related one, but I'd like to use my blue Friends. You know, Tamagotchi Friends has things hearts/friendship related (??) and cute characters, so why not? I want to join, if I can. I wanted to Pause my V3 anyway, so I'll use this group as an excuse (By the way, aren't we in 2019 yet? lol)
  12. Pokémon UltraMoon: I won against the fourth Totem Pokémon (Mallow trial), then I caught my new team member, a tiny Grubbin. He was at level 21, so I trained him for 1-2 days. I let him evolve at level 27, just because I wanted to use Grubbin for a bit. He is a good Pokémon, with a rich moveset and good stats. After that, I went back to Heahea City, where my character met Kukui's wife. Then, I crossed the Tunnel Diglett and I arrived to Konikoni City. I also caught a strange Ditto who was in a Police station... weird, but that triggered a special event that is quite cool! This is my actual Pokémon team: Dartrix (Male) Lv.32 Mawile (Female) Lv.31 Mantyke (Male) Lv.30 Charjabug (Male) Lv.29 I also started a new game on the Switch, A.o.T. 2 (Attack on Titan 2). It's a warrior-like game with an avatar system wich is kinda cool, so I like it. The gameplay is repetitive, but it isn't so boring, even because the game isn't really easy to play with. Some titans are just hard enemies. I played for, like, 3 hours. The graphic is good even on the Switch; Omega-Force did a good job.
  13. 1 February, Friday Yesterday, nothing really important happened. Mario just walked all over the screen as usual. I think I treated him really well. He asked for food like, one time, and I reached the maximum level of Training. He's just a well-educated Tama! The only problem is that he is growing up reeeeeally slow. He became 4 years old only this morning, around 11:30 AM. This happened after him to get an adult, while he was just 3 yrs old. I was doing housework (today there isn't school too because it is snowing since two days), when I heard the typical changing sound; I ran to my Tamagotchi to see, hoping to have a Mimitchi (yeah, I really like that character lol ), but I saw a... little Frankestein with scary eyes? I admit, I was disappointed. I mean, it's just that I didn't expect this at all. I tought this was one of these characters you get if you treat your Tama really bad, but I was wrong. After a while, I just became attached to him again. He is quite cool, and it's nice to have a character I wasn't really expecting. I used many items I bought when he was a child, like the Trumpet or the Shirt; it seems Mario want to act like a boss everytime. Oh, and he likes cheese, exactly like me! I'll give him a piece I bought during the first generation for some special occasion (maybe when he will get married...?) In the morning, he watched the snow. During the afternoon, he sang for a while. I unlocked a special costume with a code in the Shop too. I'll use it soon, maybe during Sunday. That's all, for today. Tomorrow I'll probably have to Pause my Tamagotchi, because it's going to be a very busy day, so probably I won't post anything. Bye!
  14. Got it. So, if I buy a Black Headphones V6 model from America, the background will be the same as the one @tamakisser has, right?
  15. I see. That's interesting. Anyway, thank you for the picture! I saw a V6 in the past, 'cause i've a friend with a lot of Tamas, and the background I prefer is definitely the one you have on the Black Headphones one in the middle of the picture. I hope I'll get a Music Star exactly like that, I'd love it. I see. So I just have to be lucky, to buy a particoular shell-background combination?