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  1. I live in England, and obviously we haven't had a European release for the ON however my boyfriend bought me the pink fairy version for Christmas. I'd considered paying for shipping to get it myself and if I'd been able to afford it in the year I would have done, and definitely would have felt it was worth it personally. This is the first tamagotchi I've owned since the familitchi (V5?) and I love it so much. The only thing is you won't be able to get the app from your app store. I highly doubt we'll get a worldwide release unfortunately, I could be totally wrong but I'm hopeful it will as I'd really like to purchase another one.
  2. I preordered Pokemon Sword and have finished the narrative (I really loved the game) but haven't yet had time to play the kind of after game narrative xD I got a super shiny Wooloo without chaining or hatching so feel very lucky! My favourite new pokemon is the galarian meowth ;w; I'd probably cry if I found a shiny one! so cute!!!
  3. I absolutely agree - I think because we had TamaTown it's quite hard to top that with the current functionality of the app. There's not very much to interact/engage with even though it should have more capability than the tamagotchi device itself. It's great for matchmaking and for playing a new game but there could definitely be so much more in the way of content. I'm hopeful that it'll be updated at some point with a bit more to it. It just doesn't come close to TamaTown.
  4. Unfortunately that's not a real Tamagotchi! It should only have three buttons in a more central position. Also that sprite isn't an actual tamagotchi. I'm not sure what brand yours actually is or anything but hopefully it's helpful to confirm it definitely isn't a legit tama! Sorry :( (P.S. Cool chicken though!)
  5. My adult tamagotchi was really sad and I thought, I'll just go marry it off on Tama Party instead of trying to raise its happiness. Then I got REALLY picky with who I was marrying so was on the app for a couple of hours. Eventually when my tamagotchi returned spouseless, I noticed she was super happy and wondered if it had anything to do with the app - so it's good to see it confirmed xD
  6. I've been playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I've had a Switch for a while (since the announcement trailer of Animal Crossing New Horizons) :3 but asked for LOZ for christmas so have owned it for about a week now. I always loved Skyrim so I'm nicely surprised as to how similar it plays, but how much better it looks! Anyone else remember when Skyrim looked incredible? Gosh how times change! This isn't something I'm playing currently, but was wondering how many people here have heard of and/or played Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times for NDS? It's like Animal Crossing but you're a witch/wizard and go to wizardry school. I LOVED this game so much - and there were two or three sequels but they only had a japanese release and man I wish there was an English release for even one of them xD