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  1. I also had no idea how to play this when I first got my Mix... They really didn't do a good job of telling the player what to do
  2. Congrats on getting to Generation 2! Can't wait to see how your new Tama girl turns out!
  3. Sorry to bump the old thread, but the only reason I mentioned it was because I had tried it myself 😛 But thank you @LadyCat for also doing that
  4. This may not be helpful for you, but if you do happen to have a Tamagotchi M!X version you can actually send items to the Meets and it will be able to change your color
  5. Nope, if you hit reset or the batteries run out it will give you the option to continue or reset
  6. Best shells yet for the Meets, and I feel like that's saying something. Meets designs have been significantly better than Mixes IMO.
  7. I tried playing Virtual Villagers, but.... everyone kept dying lol. It was on my iPad but unfortunately I think the series was removed from the App Store now.
  8. Leaked awhile ago, the Sanrio Meets has been officially announced! It will be released in June, possibly on the 15!
  9. I also thought about this and would like to hear people's opinions. Mostly I'm curious if the screen quality has any differences. The remake would be a better purchase though from the standpoint that the innards are not already 20 years old though, at least in my opinion.
  10. Are you pausing the device using the clock SET trick? That can affect the aging process.
  11. There was a video on YouTube of the new pastel games, looks like a matching game and also a direction pressing game.
  12. This was also something that confused me at first as well. The first time you start a generation the care does matter because it will determine the growth. After that however, the final adult will simply be a mix of genes from the one you raised and the one you married. I think that the care can affect what your toddler and teen will look like, but that's the extent of it. You can only get a "pure" character that first generation.
  13. Assuming you put in brand new batteries when you started, three weeks or so sounds rather short. That being said it doesn't surprise me if the battery is dying you're running into that problem. It's like any electronic, you can get a little more juice out of it by turning it on/off, but at some point it's going to just be a dead battery. If you've been putting in new batteries and it lasts a couple of hours then I'd say there's definitely a hardware issue.
  14. Not the best 😛 Unfortunately I had a reset glitch which made me lose everything. Bandai just exchanged mine for a new one, we'll see how this one goes. I have trust issues to get over though