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  1. Assuming you put in brand new batteries when you started, three weeks or so sounds rather short. That being said it doesn't surprise me if the battery is dying you're running into that problem. It's like any electronic, you can get a little more juice out of it by turning it on/off, but at some point it's going to just be a dead battery. If you've been putting in new batteries and it lasts a couple of hours then I'd say there's definitely a hardware issue.
  2. Not the best 😛 Unfortunately I had a reset glitch which made me lose everything. Bandai just exchanged mine for a new one, we'll see how this one goes. I have trust issues to get over though
  3. Hope you’re having fun The Gudetama is based off of the Tamagotchi Nano so the way to check if it is satisfied is by its reaction when you push the C button from the home screen. Sadly no dedicated gauge! Buying the Eevee Tama started me on my tamagotchi collecting after I realized I wanted a more deep experience.
  4. I don't feel like it's likely, but I would really, really love it to happen lol
  5. I would love to see genders removed as well!
  6. That's a feature not a glitch! Right now in Japan they are preparing for the Hina Matsuri, or Doll Festival, and that pops up for a short time to celebrate You will see different seasonal items like that appear occasionally. They just stick around for a few days and then go away automatically.
  7. I don't tell many people I enjoy tamagotchis lol For some I think it is difficult to understand the appeal for caring for a digital pet...
  8. I keep mine in cases; I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to make a soft sleeve with some felt if you're into DIY projects.
  9. Just happened to my Magical Meets (Green). Got to 3rd generation, accidentally killed them and now just got to adult stage of the new 1st generation. Changed my batteries successfully about 30 minutes ago and all of a sudden it was beeping for me to input time
  10. Thanks 😧 Guess I'll hunt down English one then
  11. Really like the adults available on the V2, but is that an English-only release? Are there any Japanese releases with similar adults available? Thanks
  12. Sounds great you should upload a pic or two!
  13. I don't believe it does, it was a feature the Meets used to differentiate itself from the M!X. Sorry
  14. If I have extra money I'm definitely going to buy it lol
  15. Sad that this keeps happening to people... hope it does not happen to me. No one seems to have make progress to avoid this so far.
  16. My Tamagotchi Meers finally reached friend stage and I got a Mametchi, but he seems very needy! Even after playing some games, using his favorite toy, and eating snacks he doesn't seem to have gained much happiness. Is there some secret to boosting happiness quickly? Also, I don't see weight in its stats... Is that no longer a thing? Is there any repercussions to feeding it (or toddler, teen) snacks?
  17. Been playing WoW and Lord of the Rings Online mostly, but if I'm in a Switch mood I alternate between Let's Go! Eevee, Smash Bros or Mario Kart
  18. Looks like Mario is growing well! Thanks for all the pics
  19. I don't see a more general topic; how are people's Eevees progressing? They seem to evolve after three days. Mine will probably do so tomorrow
  20. And here I just bought a first edition Meets a week ago... I kind of love those Garden characters; will have to think about whether I need a second tama 💦