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  1. Im not used yet the magical version. actually im still waiting for it from japan.. But this problem it was happening with my only one tamagotchi meets Edition fairy tale. And Im so sad i did turn it off and i will on it when arrival the magical version to used both at the same time to see what happen.
  2. Hellow every one. I want to tell you that I am very sad and dispirited because my tamagotchi meets also had the same damage. I had twins in 4 generation and I made a food purchase and then the screen was paused for a few minutes then return it to normally. But then it was restarted by itself and I got the screen to put the date and my name, even didn't show me the screen to choise thr last information to continue l. but not just show the screen to start again and I lost all my progress I lost everything. I do not want to play anymore for fear of losing all the progress once again. If somebody have a solution for this problem please let me know. I will appreciate. Thanks