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  1. Heyo. So my Magical Meets started acting up after I changed the batteries to new ones on it. What happens is that when it’s left alone and I go to turn on the screen with a button input, the screen lights up but remains frozen in place with no animations and no response from any button press, not even the corresponding sounds play for them either. This also happens when the screen goes to turn off where after doing the tamagotchis idle animation again, the screen freezes. The only solution to this I found was to reset, but oddly, it doesn’t fully reset where it brings you to the Download/Reset screen but instead restores functionality for a bit. However the problem still persists and makes playing and advancing time impossible. Any ideas of a solution to this? Should I change the batteries again?
  2. Debating on buying a Tamagotchi Devil with a broken screw; it’s 100 cheaper, but I’m not sure if I can repair the screw

  3. Constantly hoping that a Meets will release that is based off the vintage tamagotchi, like angel, devil, ocean, Santa, etc.

    Bought my ticket to EDC so that’s pretty exciting too

    1. TamaPapa


      I would love that... Bring back the Mori tamas...

    2. GayALaMode


      Beats paying the obsurd amounts for nostalgia

  4. Let’s hope someday, maybe after EDC, I’ll be able to have enough extra money for a Tamagotchi Devil 🙃

  5. Raising a Magical Meets, Sanrio M!x, and a Gudetama is certainly a handful 😅

    1. Admin


      I can only imagine!

  6. Going to be starting up another Magical Meets log with a Sanrio M!x ❤️

    I’ll be posting updates on my side tumblr made specifically for Tamagotchi.

    1. cole.sseum


      ill be looking forward to this :o

  7. I’ll def try that. No matter what I tried it wasn’t working for me but I’ll come back with a result. and either way, I’m just happy I’ll be getting more tamagotchi 😅 next on the list is an Eevee tamagotchi for my boyfriend and I, and of course the Sanrio meets
  8. Got myself a Gudetama Tamagotchi 🙏🏽

    1. cole.sseum


      how is itttt? :o :D 

    2. GayALaMode


      It’s pretty cute, definitely easier than other tamagotchi and leaning towards a more low maintenance, simplistic experience 

  9. Thank you tamapalace for the detailed post! ❤️ With the meets, it’s mainly the battery life and the lag time, sometimes with the button inputs too. And not yet 😕 I haven’t figured out how to bypass the region lock on my iPhone without issues
  10. Oh absolutely. I love the new characters. The Sanrio M!x I’ll have soon will be of sedimental value to me because it was a Valentine’s Day gift ❤️ I’m hoping that the newer Meets versions fix the current issues with Meets as of late.
  11. So I’ve stumbled acrossed this juicy tidbit while scrolling through tumblr: Tamagotchi Sanrio Meets Of course, this would come up RIGHT AFTER I just ordered a Sanrio M!x, but hey! It looks absolutely adorable with new characters, said to be released in June.
  12. Well great. Turns out my W4s were done incorrectly so I OWED money for having an imaginary son. Whoops. No more splurging on Tamagotchi stuff for a while. RIP Tamagotchi Devil

    1. TamaPapa


      I told you not to have kids

    2. GayALaMode


      I didn’t even know I HAD a child!😅

      Apparently I claimed myself as my son 😅

  13. Recently I’ve stumbled upon a tumblr post regarding Polywatch being a suitable scratch buffer for color Tamagotchi’s, such as magical meets. Unfortunately after about 2-3 days of play, I got a nasty vertical scratch on my meets screen. I went with Polywatch because it seemed like there was a fair amount of debate on whether or not Duplex works or not, or ruins screens in general. After about 4-5 applications, the smaller screen scratches are nearly gone, however the larger one is still present. I’m going to post my overall results on my tumblr to show before/after images. Anyone have any positive experiences with their own solutions to removing scratches?
  14. Happy to be back on this site after almost a decade of being away. Recently found my admiration of tamagotchi again with the purchase of a Magical Meets. It’s been really fun seeing how much has changed since my most recent tamagotchi before, Music Star. Hopefully I can contribute my share of experiences and gain more knowledge on the Meets! :wub:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. GayALaMode


      It’s so pretty! Definitely worth the little extra money

    3. TamaPapa


      Been playing my Meets for a couple weeks now too :) Just ordered a M!X now lol

    4. GayALaMode


      Nice! What m!x did you order?