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  1. Well, looks like it could very well be happening. Maybe even a relaunch of tamatown to go with it?
  2. This adds some fuel to the fire, @Tamagotchi_US on Twitter posted this. Take note of the art style, it’s the Jinco art style which was introduced with the connection era. Surely if they were trying to promote their current models, they’d use the 1996 ‘rough sketch’ art style? This could be nothing or it could point towards a potential connection re-release.
  3. Unfortunately not, I'll always hold out hope though as it is something that I've wanted for a very long time but stay cautiously optimistic with any tease. What could be interesting is if they rerelease the Japanese equivalents and just translate those and bring them over here? They're similar enough to penetrate the nostalgia market but different enough in that it could appeal to people seeking a new tamagotchi that haven't imported the Japanese models.
  4. I believe this is the tweet that they're referring to. I will admit that this tweet does imply that they do have more re-releases planned and it does imply that it could very well come in the form of the connection series, if they didn't have anything planned surely they'd respond with something along the lines of "unfortunately we don't have any plans currently"? The wink also does add the element of a tease. I would love to see a connection rerelease as they were my first experience with Tamagotchi and they'd most definitely be a market and a nostalgia for them, I cannot believe that this year the connection V1 is turning 15! Perhaps they're planning on rereleasing them as part of an anniversary line?