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  1. thank you for your help @iTamannadi !!!!! ❤️
  2. so I recently bought an IDL and I want to download some custom stuff. im just a bit confused oh how to do that- I found some files to download but there just images...??? is that right?? also ive seen a couple places saying something about usb connection. do I need one if all I have is a laptop to connect to? if so could you recommend one anyway thank you for any help
  3. a while back I got a used entama. it was working perfectly until a little while ago when it would tell me the battery has run out. it still dose it with new batteries so I thought maybe the connection was off. I fiddled around with the metal parts that connect to the batter and it didnt help. so im unsure of what to do now. has this happened to any of you guys? bearing in mind the said tamagotchi was second hand and pretty beat up when I got it... maybe something has moved around inside if its been dropped by its previous owner? any thoughts or ideas are welcome. it is completely unusable at the moment so anything helps. thanks for your time homies :))
  4. heyyy so i was wondering if anyone wants to do a group hatch starting on October 5th? any tamagotchi version. i myself will be hatching a v1. anyway, just let me know in the comments!! owo uk only please!!!!
  5. so i recently started up my entama again, and i have been trying to get the special smart tamagotchi "Tensaitchi". In order to do that you need 999 intelligence points, so i am going to enter in the pc codes.. i was just wondering if their is a code for 100 intelligence points? as in binary's code system. as you may know the highest amount of points you can get from the entama shop online is 20 points, so its going to be a pain to enter the code for 20 intelligence points 45 times.... Anyway, if their isn't, i don't mind! thanks for you time :3
  6. thank you everyone for your replies!! you were all helpful! xx 😀
  7. So I recently bought a used entama and because I don't read Japanese I'm still figuring it out but anyway I have only had it a couple of weeks and it has kept saying that the battery has run out. But when I press the reset button it's fine! Until a couple of hours later it dose the same thing?!? Is it just my tama? Is that common for old used and beaten up tamas? Thank you for taking the time to read xxx