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  1. Hello. My mum found these I think from my childhood. The right one works but the left one doesn’t work unless I squeeze it shut. It makes a horrible squealing noise and shuts off. But will show egg... briefly an angel egg. Any way to repair it? Oh and are these connections? I presume so as year is 2004 on both backs
  2. I’ve been eyeing them up but unsure, may go against it as languages are hard for me
  3. I’ll give it a go but don’t think I’m a fan of this type of tamagotchi. Too bulky and boring for me. I miss my old connection
  4. Mine must be faulty it doesn’t work for me
  5. Thanks for you response. I wanted to try out a colour Tama as I’ve only ever owned the black and white screens. Might pass. I am old school lol
  6. Out of these - meets -4U -Spacey M!X want English release and easy functioning and good game play
  7. How do you alter the friendship level? I have taken it to the park but unsure how to make it go up and get a perfect character. I got tarokotchi for an adult which means poor csre. I did feed it regularly and take it the toilet. I had this issue on an old tamagotchi I had (connection?) and I always got him continuously...despite regular care and I had only one death for all of them. So unsure what I do wrong. My tarokochi I did lots of games on but weight won’t drop below 40lb so is that ok? I read on another topic it’d overweight? But won’t drop no matter how much games I do. (Games are shoot the bug and long jumper)
  8. Oh ok I got it! It works now I wasn’t sure what button was which.
  9. I loved my connection! I’d love a rerelease!
  10. No that just enables the sound on/off. I did get contrast messing with the buttons but unsure how I did it
  11. Is anyone else into genealogy? I’m bad at it but I did ancestrydna and got my results back. It’s exciting. I put my data into a site called codegen and also into a site called foundmyfitness
  12. Several mobile games I wrote in another topic im playing ps1 games as well right now. Mighty expensive too, got two and building them up.
  13. I had one from about 2005 ish but the water went yellow! I threw it out about two years ago.
  14. Panini sticker albums. I had more but I got rid of them because I was a Christian who believed Disney was evil.. I had about 6 other albums If you search beckyb1029 on gemr you can see what I collect. I’m adding more stuff soon such as my my melody collection
  15. I listen to random stuff as per my I have no set interest
  16. Cardcaptor Sakura clear card volume 1 melowy
  17. I had a ps2 but loved the original ps1 games and playing them on it. I am recently getting my old games back as I miss them sooo bad. 8 think the ps2 controllers are less painful on fingers I want to get one.
  18. I’m playing violas quest I love it. I also play songpop and words with friends.. plus elevate, peak, wordscspes, Peppy pairs, bonza..triviador
  19. My first was 2004 or 2005. I had several.. think all connections.