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  1. Hey I have just bought a Tamagotchi Gen1 in a good condition. Yesterday, when I start it, I saw a Box around the egg. I took apart the Tamagotchi and cleaning up the contacts from the screen. And last but not least: Its the same result. In this Video, you can see my Problem. (10:55) How can I fix it? Mametchi98
  2. Hello, Until recently I always had a Tamagotchi from the year 1997 in use. Now that the Tamagotchi has been reissued in the fall, I have the impression that with the new Tamagotchis it is easier to get the best character Mametchi. You have to do really bad, so you get for example Maskutchi. Do you have the impression? Mametchi98
  3. But I do not have to worry now that the screen is jiggling, right?
  4. Thanks for your answer 😊 What is the purpose of the component?
  5. The speaker has two recognizable areas. And on the board are soldered two springs. The upper spring must press against the center of the speaker. The lower one must press on the outer area. However, if the springs on the loudspeaker are in the wrong position, this error occurs.
  6. Hey, I have recently taken my Tamagotchi apart. When I wanted to put it back together, I noticed that this part is missing. Was that no longer installed? Is that normal that was not there? http://www.tamagotchi.de/Tipps/aufbau.htm Nr. 7 on this picture Thanks 98mametchi98
  7. This is because the spring on the speaker is wrong. Screw the Tamagotchi apart and rebuild it, then the problem is settled 😊
  8. In my opinion, the speakers are very Bad in the rerelease. But the programming is faster than the older Tamagotchi from 1997. I think, the Screen quality is the same. I donβ€˜t see some difference.
  9. I would be interested to know which Tamagotchi her qualitatively and quantitatively better. The old from 1997 or the rerelease of 2018?
  10. If you look at the screen from the top, you do not see anything anymore ... https://ibb.co/JrnzZgN
  11. Is it normal that the pixels are not so strong on my V4.5? New batterie Is inside and ist was new in package... thank you πŸ™ˆ https://ibb.co/QY0kBhB https://ibb.co/W0f7mPS For comparison, a picture of V2: https://ibb.co/yyqnqbG https://ibb.co/PGxLcJW https://ibb.co/48SsLGh 98mametchi98
  12. Hello everyone, I have just noticed in my V2, that there are small sounds when you hold it to ear. Is that normal? 98mametchi98
  13. Okay, I'll try it and see if it fixes the bug. Is it enough to press the normal reset button? I also heard something about a hard reset...
  14. No, I did not reset it because it was new and I started it normally. But interesting that this problem did not occur with you. Could you never notice this problem?
  15. Do all the Tamagotchis V4 have such a glitch? Could anyone else find out about his V4?