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  1. hi so im on mac and i dont know hos to start the game after i downloaded it. fan made tamagotchi

    1. iTamannadi


      The program works with Windows 10 only.

    2. loggotchi


      aw man:( i thought that the github was for something


    3. loggotchi


      Hi so I just downloaded on windows ten and Idk how to start up game 

  2. also, I really do hope that this works sorry about that virus!!
  3. hi so I tried to download this but it says it has no application to open it? pls help
  4. I was wondering if it does this, will I still get a job and will the matchmaker still come. thank you
  5. my v4 is stuck at the age of 2 and won't go up. I messed with the time but them put it back then I waited a long time and nothing happened d
  6. I bought a tamagotchi v4 and its in transit and says in transit march 27 8: 17. when do u think sit will come
  7. I was wondering how long a v4 battery lasted
  8. I'm getting a v4 and was wondering if there was anything I needed to know THANK U
  9. I just bought a v4 and was wondering if it was worth it for a used one for 35$-40
  10. I just bought a v4 and was wondering if it was worth it for a used one for 35$-40
  11. I agree, I went on eBay and there were like chickens and things with 4 buttons
  12. I do too!! I got a p1, I thought it was so fun and never stopped. then my teacher caught me and I got it taken away for the day. then checked and he was dead. this was like 1 month ago.