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  1. Do Gigapets evolve at all? Do they get more difficult to take care of as time goes on (like the vintage Tamas?) I own (very used) Reptar and Babe Gigapets, and I dont know much about them.
  2. So, for a while I’ve thought the Tamagotchi m!x was the newest Tamagotchi at the time, but I’ve just been hearing about the Tamagotchi Meets. I wanted to know, what is the difference between these two Tamagotchis? Is the Meets entirely different than the M!x, or are they similar?
  3. There was this Mobile tamagotchi game I played once when I was younger back in 2014. It was called Tamagotchi Tap and Hatch. I’ve been wanting to play it again for a while, but the game has been taken off the App Store and the Google Play Store. Is there any way to access this game again? Or is it just gone forever?
  4. I own a tamagotchi m!x and I had a question about the marriage function. Can mametchi only marry one specific tamagotchi? Or can he marry whichever one he wants? Every time I look up the marriage video with the tamagotchi m!x, mametchi is always getting married with the same character)
  5. I own a tamagotchi m!x (or mix, idk), and i had a question about it. Does it depend on how well you take care of it for the character outcome? Or is it just random chance on getting your favorite character? All of the growth charts I found for the M!X are just images of all the characters, and not actual charts depending on how good you take care of the pet.
  6. I own a tamagotchi P2, and I’ve been trying to get the secret character, zatchi. I currently have zuccitchi (I think that’s how you spell it,) and I’ve been taking care of him perfectly. I’ve cleaned up every mess, I’ve caught every discipline, and I never let his empty hearts go over 1. But, one night, I accidentally left poop next to his bed before he fell asleep. Did this ruin my chance of getting him? Edit: I also changed the time to a time where he was awake to clean up the mess a few hours before he woke up, then put it back to normal time for him to fall back asleep. Did this fix anything?