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    Currently I have: Blue translucent original; yellow pocket pikachu; Clear Blue v4; Red v4.5 with polka dots; yellow Eevee; Pink Eevee; Purple 4U; Green Meets
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  1. I have the Tamagotchi 4U (not plus, just regular) and I spent a ton of time yesterday with the app and NFC trying to download the English patch, but it never did. Every time I connected my Tama to NFC with the phone, I got loads of gifts and coupons and whatnot, but could not get the patch to download. I was using the Galaxy S6. Any advice/is there another way to get it?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new here; I actually just created a profile about 10 minutes ago! So When I was in the third grade I had a V3 Tama Connect with my best friend. Her parents later bought us the V4 in 4th grade, which we used ENDLESSLY. My friend also got the V4.5 when it came out, and she later gave it to me. Unfortunately we lost all of those back in the day along with our charms and lanyards (I still have my original Kutchipatchi charm though!!) A few weeks ago I was on reddit and discovered that the Tama community was still going, there was tons of merchandise, games, anime, and that Bandai was still making them! I had no idea there was anything past the V4.5. Anyways, here I am with my brand new collection! I have to say I am addicted once again.