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  1. When I go on the link I cant find anything about debugging... /:
  2. Most people have used the Nexus 7 tablet and it seems to work for the English patch. I personally dont feel like buying a tablet so I live with it in Japanese. But is there a way for S9. To work? Anyways, on mr blinky's website he explains that you have to download some other patch (I forget the name but just search up Mr blinky 4u English patch) before downloading the English patch ( It's all in the same place and same website ). I myself have not downloaded a patch but this is the best advice I could give.
  3. Thank you! My tama is already three and turned to an adult at 2 so I guess the option will open up today?
  4. Hi! I've still been trying to get the eco car. But when and if I do get it, how can i decide to go to eco town? Will an option unlock/appear? P's: At the bottom of options for destinations there's Dating Eco town And ???? I know how to get to ecotown (trying to get eco car from triplets) but how do I unlock the dating option and what is the ????? Can I unlock it? Just so you know I managed to find my p's already patched to English but dialogue is not. Any help is appreciated!!!
  5. When I connect with my friend it's all good. I just have a question about some options and what they do. What I click on the heart ( 2nd icon ) what are those four options? Anyways, I'm pretty sure that the second one allows you to host a connection. So I click that and then there are four options. What are those? ( If someone could find or just tell me a full translation of the menus and sub menus (sub menus and "sub-sub menus" more important) that would be awesome. Anyways. Now that I'm there, when I click the fourth option my friend usually gets her character to talk, sometimes visit this house, but she usually gets to play this slot game and get good money and prizes. When she hosts the same way I do, I get all of those results except for the slots. What is that? Sorry for all the questions all help is greatly appreciated!!!
  6. Hello! So I recently gave my friend a tama 4u and we have connected our tamas. I noticed that a new option in the notebook opened up ; friends note book. I'm not sure what I found next does, but here goes. So (I'm in the general note book icon right now) I click the second option and an egg, some Japanese, and my friends user pops up. I click that, and then there are four options. (If you know where I am right now and could translate that would be amazing). First option: her profile Second (where my question arises): my character, and writing space to type with my user at the bottom what's that for? Third: unavailable to me. What is it??? Fourth : last time I clicked it apparently I clicked yes to deleting my friends profile... so yeah. What's going on???
  7. Thank you! And I let the time be for today and I got the last one! Will keep trying with the eco triplets.
  8. I have been changing the times a lot to meet the eco triplets... Could that be it?
  9. Hi! I've been waiting a while now. My tama turned into an adult at 2, now its 4, but I haven't received the final, 48hr tamatomo. What should I do? (I have a 4u) And one more question. On the tamagotchi ps I now how to meet the eco triplets but I don't see eco town an where in the menu. So if I ever get the car (someday far away) how would I get to eco town??? Also the eco car seems to be taking forever to get on the 4u. Is that normal? Sorry for all the questions! I've been using this site for a while you guys seem really helpful so that's why I created an account.