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  1. I finally restarted my V4.  I called the male tamagotchi umino and the female one sachi.

    With the union of two names I wanted to make a pun refering the japanese word Umi no Sachi, which means seafood or shellfish

  2. I haven't used my connection since last year ago...When I'll have time, I'll fix!

  3. I can't read news about Tamagotchi (I know about Tamagotchi ON and the return of Tamatown)... Tamagotchi tv (japanese youtube channel)  suddenly stopped updating videos...News seem to be reduced...Am I the only person who I noticed this situation?

  4. Hi guys. I've know Tamatalk since 2016, the first time I decided to use again, after long time, Tamagotchi. But I joined today. I want to share my interests with other users.

    1. TamaPapa


      Welcome (back) :)

    2. Ruken


      Sorry is the first time I've joined. I've read a lot of things here, and in different topics. Anyway, if there is something important to tell, Maybe I'll write. :)