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  1. In the middle of my first PTU sesh!

  2. The lack of activity is concerning. TamaZone is basically dead, and it seems this forum is slowing down too.
  3. The Infinite Loops. Basically, something screwed up a tree-computer, and all the fictional universes start Looping (which means that they get to a certain point and then reset) as a fail-safe while the Admins try and fix Yggdrasil (the aforementioned tree-computer.) It is all kinds of fun reading the different Loops. I might have to see if I can join SpaceBattles and get a Tamagotchi anime loop started up!
  4. The lack of activity here is worrying. I wonder if the Abridged series would get attention here if I bothered making it?

    1. iTamannadi


      Everyone busy with university/schools/work! I suggest you make it during the holidays. :blink:

    2. Deru-sama


      Yeah. That's the best time to search for VAs.

    3. Lovetchi2862


      Say what now?

  5. I personally believe that while it can't be done now, per se, it will be done when Japan adopts slightly more Western ideas as the concept of the otaku fully spreads to the West. I believe, however, that same sex mating would be bad, and that a good alternative would be the two finding an abandoned egg and hatching it themselves (the penguins Roy and Silo are a good example of this, and that could occur.)
  6. Dale8998 is back, bois! :D

  7. I've been lurking around as of late, and your most recent gen is pretty! Too bad I don't have a compatible Tamagotchi yet, or I'd ask to marry mine off to yours.