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  1. I believe there's a link to it somewhere here on Tamatalk, and there's also a Wiki with a download link. I also have an older version as well as the latest version, so I might upload the old one to the abandonware site oldversion.
  2. Well, here I am, writing a log. I'm currently running the DMPC PC game, version 3, and plan on buying some Tamagotchis next time I get my money. I chose the Machine-type egg, and it hatched into this: It's cute, but it's been a few hours and it still hasn't evolved. I'm getting pretty impatient... Will let y'all know when it does. EDIT: IT EVOLVED RIGHT AFTER I PUBLISHED THIS! I'm setting up a Wing Guardians 'mon for it to battle against.
  3. My favorite is when I got my first Tamagotchi - a blue and yellow v4.5. I loved it, but it got lost on the bus and I never saw it again...
  4. I play a TON of Super Kirby Clash. I just got the 100 Gem Apples that all Switch Online users can get!
  5. I have an original Switch. It's reliable, and I only want a Switch Lite for Sword/Shield.
  6. "I want food nya" (Path of Radiance is good.)
  7. Welcome to Tamatalk! I'm Deru-sama, AKA Dale8998. It's nice to meet you!

  8. In the middle of my first PTU sesh!

  9. The lack of activity is concerning. TamaZone is basically dead, and it seems this forum is slowing down too.
  10. The Infinite Loops. Basically, something screwed up a tree-computer, and all the fictional universes start Looping (which means that they get to a certain point and then reset) as a fail-safe while the Admins try and fix Yggdrasil (the aforementioned tree-computer.) It is all kinds of fun reading the different Loops. I might have to see if I can join SpaceBattles and get a Tamagotchi anime loop started up!
  11. The lack of activity here is worrying. I wonder if the Abridged series would get attention here if I bothered making it?

    1. iTamannadi


      Everyone busy with university/schools/work! I suggest you make it during the holidays. :blink:

    2. Deru-sama


      Yeah. That's the best time to search for VAs.

    3. Lovetchi2862
  12. I personally believe that while it can't be done now, per se, it will be done when Japan adopts slightly more Western ideas as the concept of the otaku fully spreads to the West. I believe, however, that same sex mating would be bad, and that a good alternative would be the two finding an abandoned egg and hatching it themselves (the penguins Roy and Silo are a good example of this, and that could occur.)