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  1. I've been v inactive here. Oof.Β I was recently compelled by some other worldly force to re-start my pink Tamagotchi ON. Currently in the second generation and torn between starting a log or just coming on here more often to start.

    If I can get a little nostalgic here;


    I first visited this website when I was like, 11 years old. You remember that family computer room? With the big chair andΒ desk with the weird, chunky old monitor and gigantic tower that beeped when your mom was using the phone while you were trying to pawrty with the boys on Club Penguin? I would sit there w my zebra striped V3 and LURK on here. It was my s**t. It's pretty insane that here I am at 21 still lurking with a full color tamagotchi with me. To 2020 or whatever.Β 


    1. Deru-sama


      Welp, if you remember me from my early years as Dale8998, I came back recently also.

    2. juushii


      Oof, I must have been 11 and I can barely remember what I ate for dinner 3 days ago..but I'm glad we're both back to our tama roots!:ichigotchi: